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#10YearChallenge: From 2009 To 2019, Here's How Far Hair Has Come

10 year challenge
It’s been a long decade. In the ups and downs since 2009, we’ve watched the hairstyles come and go. From punk bangs to stripy highlights, our manes have undergone many trends to become the healthy, beautiful ‘dos we wear today.

In honor of the 10 Year Challenge that’s currently making the rounds on social media, inviting people to share what they looked like a decade ago, we’re taking a walk down memory lane to remember the state of hair in 2009.

Most notably, 2009 was a year of “doing it all” when it came to hair. The rise of reality television and early influencer culture meant many somewhat average people were finding themselves on camera with regularity. As a result, they opted for super full extensions, hair with bright blonde streaks, and hair the quite literally did the most.

Below, we’re breaking down how much times have changed. Be sure to send this to the friend who wore crunchy waves back in ‘09—she could probably use a laugh.


Color: From Stripes To Au Naturel

Back in 2009, our approach to color was not what you’d call subtle. In those days, women lived for stripe-like blonde highlights that overwhelmed their base shades. If highlights weren’t your forte, you could choose a dramatic blonde or dark shade.

A decade later, natural color has taken over. Today’s influencers love neutral shades like mushroom brown and ashy blonde.


Style: From Beach Waves To Silky Perfection

The red carpet scene in 2009 is nothing like what we expect today. Most celebrities wore set styles—defined waves or retro updo with tight curls. Back then, we liked our hairstyle to stay put all day with nary a strand out of place.

While celebrities took their new clip-ins for a spin, the average woman purchased an arsenal of hair products to experiment with at home.

These days, we’ve traded dramatically styled ‘dos for hair that looks like it can move and just might have been air-dried. Gone are the crunchy beach waves, replaced instead by more natural-looking flat iron waves that aim to enhance natural texture.

The other thing we see more of in 2019 than we did in 2009 is coily and curly hair. In the last few years, dozens of stars of color have worn their natural texture on the red carpet and set the tone for the rest of the world. We live in an age of diversity and hair acceptance! In 10 years, we’ve come a long way.


Care: From All Extensions To Air-Dried And Shiny

Back in 2009, the average woman didn’t know much about caring for her hair—aside from a few amateurs. The rise of social media culture meant we began looking at more hair than ever most days, and we couldn’t help but compare ourselves to it.

Today, hair sheet masks, in-salon treatments, and salon formulas abound. Many of us wash our hair less frequently and invest in care, whether it comes in the form of a low-maintenance hair color that’s gentler on our locks or a gloss service to enhance the look of shine.

For more information about today’s best hair trends, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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