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13 Most Beautiful Short Ombre Hairstyles Right Now

woman getting hair dyed

You’ve finally made the decision to get a bob. Instead of being wowed by your new style, however, you’re a little worried it’s made you seem like a gawky eighth-grader with braces. Solution: a short hair ombre ’do. 

With a dark base and light ends, you’ll add depth and drama to your new haircut. Instead of seeming awkward, you’ll be surprised at how chic an ombre bob can feel. Just in case you need ideas, we’ve listed a few of our favorites.

Ash Brown to Ash Blonde

If you’re interested in hair color that looks cohesive, choose ombre shades that are in the same family. We adore the look of ash brown roots that fade into beige blonde ends. The resulting gradient is sleek and natural-looking, as if you just happen to have outrageously thick blonde hair.

We love this transition with both warm and cool undertones. On short hair, it’s important that color makes a statement, and this ashy ombre absolutely does.

Chestnut to Caramel

Here’s another brown-to-blonde transition that doesn’t feel forced or look overdone. This opulent color gradient has the look of a dying fire, all rich brown embers and orange accents. If you’re in the market for a wintery ombre that reads like an extra beautiful brunette, chestnut and caramel are for you.

For an extra touch of drama, ask your stylist for honey or light blonde highlights. The bright shade will really pop, adding dimension to your locks.

Dark Gray to Icy Blue

Unlike your standard brown or gold shades, an ombre from gray to blue really packs a punch.  This is one of the newest color transitions we’ve fallen in love, and with good reason: Is there anything more beautiful than frosty, chilly blue?

With this color gradient, you have plenty of options about how dramatic you’d like it to be. For maximum impact, ask your hairstylist to leave your blue largely unblended. For a subtler look, aim for something between balayage and ombre.

Platinum to Light Pink

While we’re on the subject of shades that look lovely next to fanciful colors, let us have this moment to advocate for light pink. The cloud-colored hue has been popular for several years, but nowhere does it look better than next to platinum.

We like the look of light pink at the very ends of the hair, well-blended into the platinum mid-lengths. Aim for a watercolor wash of the shade, one which will last you much longer than a full head of neon pink.

Auburn to Strawberry Blonde

Red hair is often overlooked, but the shade is one of the most accessible on the market if it’s done right. Our favorite ombre color combination is auburn that brightens into strawberry blonde, creating the illusion of flames along the hair.

If you’re a natural blonde who’s been looking to spice up her life, this ombre is wearable and simple. You’ll have all the best parts of red-gold hair, but none of the commitment of going full-on auburn.

Dark Chocolate to Cherry

One o our greatest ambitions in life is to be mistaken for a spy on the run. Too many years of watching prime time dramas have convinced us this is a possibility, so we’re running with the idea. The vampier the hair, the more we like it.

If you’re looking for a would-be spy ’do of you own, try this dark chocolate to cherry transition. Your purple-red ends will be brilliant but blended—just the way we like them.

Espresso to Burgundy

Like a dark chocolate to cherry ombre, espresso and burgundy make an intense color combination. On dark skin this look is truly stunning. 

To ensure you get the most out of your seductive new look, ask your stylist to make the transition from brown to burgundy as well-blended as possible.

Milk Chocolate to Gold

Hungry for a snack yet? Milk chocolate hair is a delightful medium brown shade, but it’s even more beautiful when combined with gold. This ombre combination is a perfect fit for bobs, especially if your stylist begins the honey highlights around eye level.

Did you think it was possible to make your skin seem more even and radiant with a single hair treatment? Us, neither.

Ash Brown to Lilac

Short styles can fall flat on ladies with medium brown hair. To add dimension to your ’do, add an unexpected ombre—in this case, lilac—to mix up your look. This shade falls between pink and purple, and plays nicely with ashy notes. 

Instead of feeling like you’re reliving your middle school punk rock fantasies, this ombre will feel adult and strangely fashion-forward.

Burgundy to Rose Gold

Here’s a very 2017 hair color transition that we can’t get enough of. Instead of sticking with plain pastel pink or rose gold hair, add dimension to the shade with dark roots. We love the look of burgundy that transitions into rose gold, keeping the entire mane in the same color family.

As with all opulent hair colors, this one will require careful treatment to keep it from becoming a muddy head of horrors. Make sure you’re ready for the commitment.


Eh-what now? Ecaille is hair color technique that first popped up around 2013. It involves a medium brown base with dark and light accent pieces. The name, which is a misspelled French word meaning “tortoiseshell,” reflects the dappled look of the advanced ombre. 

Instead of keeping accent colors just to at your ends, your stylist will place color all the way up to your roots. The result is summery, natural-looking color.

Dark Gray to Silver

For a darker take on the cool-toned hair trend, try out a head of dark gray and silver. Rather than looking like you stole a wig from your great aunt, you’ll look avant-garde and ahead of the curve.