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Hindsight is 2020: The Ultimate Hair Trends Forecast

2020 hair trend forecast

2019 is coming to an end, and as much as we loved the hair colors, styles, and trends that dominated the last year, we can’t wait to see what the new decade has in store for the world of hair. While you may typically rely on fortune tellers to give you a glimpse of the future, you won’t need a crystal ball to find out which trends are set to rule 2020...because we’ve got you covered.

If you take pride in being a trendsetter—take notes—from cuts to color to everything in between, these four hair trends are going to be all the rage in 2020.

2020 Hair Trends - Year Of The Brunette

Trend: Year Of The Brunette

Blondes may have more fun, but in 2020, brunettes do it better. We’re predicting an onslaught of healthy, rich, and oh-so-shiny shades of brown hair to flood our feeds in the New Year. The best part about brunette? The range of colors is seemingly endless, offering something for everyone who wants to try the trend. But, no matter if you wear those gorgeous chocolatey hues long or short, ashy or warm, dark or light, with highlights or without—we did say there was a shade for everyone, right? Brunettes want color ideas and care routines formulated for their specific hair needs.

Good hair day by @xoxo_balayage.

With your new brunette shade may come unexpected results—highlights looking brassy, dark brown hair pulling red. Luckily, brands like Matrix and Redken have introduced new ranges of products just in time for the New Year to help support these needs—think: Brownlights blue shampoo and conditioner to combat brassiness and Dark Envy green shampoo and conditioner to beat red pull-through

Good hair day by @paintedhair.

What’s powering the prediction?

  • Glass hair was big in 2019 thanks mostly to its high-reflect shine that seemed to sparkle even brighter when paired with a dark brown hair color. In 2020, expect to see more of your favorite A-list celebs take a walk on the dark side to get that mega-watt shine.
  • Balayage is no longer just for blondes. New highlighting techniques like babylights, money piece, and hair ribboning were super popular in 2019, proving you don’t have to ditch your natural color to switch up your look
  • Health and wellness doesn’t stop with our workout routines and meal plans. Over the last few years we’ve seen more and more hair care formulas and treatments geared toward restoring the health of hair. Darker shades allow you to skip the bleach and often require less upkeep, especially when you’re embracing a shade that’s close to your natural one.

2020 Hair Trends - Back To Our Roots

Trend: Back To Our Roots

Gone are the days of high-maintenance, totally tiring hair care routines. In 2020, hair lovers are headed back to their roots, embracing their natural texture, effortlessly transitioning to gray coverage or going totally silver, and changing the perception of what a hair care routine really has to be.

Good hair day by @jackmartincolorist.

While you’re rethinking your routine, you need products and services that can do it all. We’re seeing the rise of products that help you maintain your favorite style longer and with less effort—because having good hair feels good!

What’s powering the prediction?

  • In 2019 we learned how to create texture with our favorite hair products and tools. 2020 is going to be all about embracing your natural texture. Whether your hair is coily, wavy, or even stick straight, embracing your natural texture will help you to create an effortless hair care routine.
  • Women use to dread going gray, but these days silver is one of the most flattering and on-trend hair colors around. Whether you’re embracing your naturally transitioning gray hair or opting for an all-over silver hue, in 2020 you no longer have to cover-up your natural hue to be on trend.
  • Multi-tasking products like Mizani’s 25 Miracle Milk and Redken’s One United were huge in 2019, and we don’t see their popularity waning anytime soon. In 2020, expect to stock your hair care arsenal with multi-benefit products that make styling and caring for your strands a breeze.

2020 Hair Trends - Skin-ification of Hair

Trend: Skin-ification Of Hair

Like your skin, hair is delicate and needs extra TLC to stay glossy and gorgeous! In 2020, we’re seeing the rise of salon services and products that cater to the art of healthy-looking hair.

Beauty lovers know more about what their hair needs than ever before and they’re eager to use it in hair appointments! Color contouring, pH, porosity, and pollution will be key buzzwords in the upcoming year.

What’s powering the prediction?

  • Scalp care was one of, if not the, biggest buzz word in the hair world in 2019, and now we’re taking scalp care to the next level. Whether you have flakes, hair thinning, or oily roots, in 2020, keep an eye out for even more scalp care products to help you address your biggest hair concerns.
  • You wouldn’t use the same face products if you have oily skin and your best friend has dry skin—so why would you use the same hair products if you have different hair types? 2020 is all about hair care personalization, from shampoo and conditioner to treatments and styling products, every product in your hair care routine will be specific to your hair.
  • We’re not just upgrading our at-home care, in-salon services are better than ever before. In 2020, keep an eye out for salon services like Kérastase’s K-Water, that make your hair look and feel healthier than ever before.

2020 Hair Trends - Permission To Play

Trend: Permission To Play

Since when does growing up mean leaving the joy of playing with hair behind? In 2020, hair lovers will embrace their creative side and have even more fun with their look, experimenting with temporary colors and styles, hair accessories, and bouncy, over-the-top hair.

With permission to play there’s no right or wrong way to wear your hair, try something new and have fun this year! What’s old is new again, so feel free to get a little retro with a warm-toned hair color, face-framing pieces, and plenty of movement and texture, no matter your length.

What’s powering the prediction?

  • Fantasy colors like hot pink and classic blue used to be reserved for Halloween, but vibrant colors are more wearable than ever before. In 2020, slay every fantasy color you could ever imagine—whether you choose to kill it with temporary hair color or more permanent options, there’s a way for everyone to play with color in the New Year.
  • The ‘90s called and they said we can keep the headbands, hair clips, and all—yes, we repeat, all—the scrunchies. Hair accessories made a major comeback in 2019 and we couldn’t be happier. In 2020 no hairstyle will be complete without a killer hair accessory. Play with the size, the color, the amount...but definitely play.
  • Accessories aren’t the only blast from the past, in 2020 we’re predicting lots of layers, lots of volume, and lots more ways to experiment with your hairstyle.