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Salon Spotlight: Abstrakt Studio In Frisco, TX

photo of Abstrakt Studio in Frisco, Texas

Opening up a new salon is always a challenge—especially in an area like Dallas, Texas, where talented stylists are found on every corner. Just two years after opening its doors, however, Abstrakt Studio has grown to be one of the Frisco area’s most sought-after hair salons. 

Whether you’re looking to try hair extensions or get a killer haircut, read on to find out why you should book your next appointment at Abstrakt Studio in Frisco, Texas. 

photo of abstrakt studio in frisco, texas

The Brand

Abtrakt Studio’s first location opened in October 2017.  Salon owner Katie Tellor was determined to put her own unique twist on the upscale Dallas salon market. According to Emily Alders, Pureology artistic director and lead stylist at Abstrakt Studio, Tellor wanted to create a space where art and beauty come together. 

“She had this vision that she wanted to create a space where hairdressers could be creative, and she also wanted it to be a working art gallery,” Alders explains.

At both Abstrakt Studio locations, there are colorful canvases and abstract paintings created by local artists lining the all-white walls of the intimate spaces. 

“We have artwork that is chosen by our art director and all of it is for sale and rotates ..It really gives a good vibe to the space,” Alders says. 

photo of abstrakt studio in frisco, texas

The Locations

It didn’t take long for Abstrakt Studio to take off. After less than two years, Tellor opened a second location about a half-mile down the road from the original space. 

“Our growth was so insane. We grew so fast, and we had so many amazing talented hairdressers that wanted to come work for the salon, so Katie decided that she needed more space...That’s when we opened up the second location,” Alders says. 

Though the business is split into two locations, Alders says the two salons share a united culture.

“All of our support staff, our salon assistants, and our concierge front desk staff work in between the two one day they’re at one location and the next day they're at another location,” Alders says. “It’s super fluid, and when it comes to the guest experience, it's really important that no matter what location they're at, it feels exactly the same.”

In an ever-changing industry, there’s always room to learn more about your craft—which is why Abstrakt Studio puts so much focus on educating their stylists. Whether you’re a seasoned stylist or just starting out in the industry, the salon offers its stylists in-house education and training every other weekend. 

photo of abstrakt studio in frisco, texas

The Products 

Client experience is Abstrakt Studio’s number one priority—and finding the perfect salon-quality hair products to line the shelves with was an essential piece of that.  After working with Pureology for more than a decade, it was no surprise that Alders wanted to bring the brand on board when she joined the Abstrakt team. 

“It's become a fan favorite not only with the guests but with the staff,” Alders says. “Everybody sees how well the products themselves operate.”

While the salon sells a wide range of Pureology products, there are a few favorites that the studio’s ever-growing client list can’t get enough of.

“An amazing one for us as a huge extension salon is the Pureology Vinegar Hair Rinse...It's great for cleansing the scalp when you have extensions because with the applicator bottle...You can apply it right above where your extensions are on the head and just draw a line around the weft,” Alders explains. 

Another best-seller, Alders says, is Pureology Strength Cure Best Blonde Shampoo

“The product gives that really rich lather and cleanse that we love...Plus, it has that deep purple toning quality so it does amazing things for keeping our blondes really beautiful and vibrant in between their services,” Alders says. 

photo of abstrakt studio in frisco, texas

The Services

Under Abstrakt Studio’s roof, you’ll find talented stylists who specialize in everything from hand-tied extensions to the salon’s custom Abstrakt depth technique, designed to create high contrast in lightened hair. 

“Being in Dallas, we do a ton of the traditional ‘Dallas blonde’...This is a technique that we use to go in and create a little bit more dimension to blondes,” Alders explains.  “Over the summer, we spend a ton of time out in the sun and get all those highlighting services...Then we move into the fall and winter months and we just want to break that up and give it just a little bit of guts and dimension.”

Gender inequality within the beauty industry has been a hot topic for years, which is why Abstrakt Studio has followed many other salons in introducing gender-neutral pricing for haircuts. 

“We’re members of the Dress Code Project, which is an organization that helps create safe spaces for gender-fluid individuals...What that means is that anybody that wants to come into the salon, we're letting them know that we're a safe space for them to come in and do so,” Alders says. 

When you book an appointment at either Abstrakt location, your price will reflect the length of your hair, not your gender.

“There's a lot of women out there that are wearing their hair very short, and there's also a lot of gentlemen that wear their hair longer.. and for us to say that a men’s cut is this much or a woman's cut is this much really doesn't seem to make a lot of sense,” Alders says. 

Whether you’re heading to the salon for extensions, a color service, or an androgynous haircut, Abstak Studio has got you covered. 


The Details

Abstrakt Studio is located at 6950 Lebanon Rd, Suite 101 and 4040 Legacy Dr, Suite 101, in Frisco, TX. To book an appointment at either location, call 972-704-3421. Follow the salon on Instagram or visit for more information.

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