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Salon Spotlight: Atelier By Square Salon in Las Vegas, NV

photo of Atelier By Square Salon in Las Vegas, NV

In the salon world, business growth is typically measured in cash earned and inches of hair cut over the years. Barb Garcia-Grove uses a different standard, however. Garcia-Grove, who owns a pair of sister salons in the Las Vegas area, considers her business successful because of how entrenched in the local community it is.

Whether consulting on color or volunteering to give foster care children back-to-school haircuts, Atelier By Square Salon and Square Salon are all about making others feel comfortable.

“A big part of our salon is community—we are very, very involved with our community and giving back to our community,” Garcia-Grove says.

Looking to find a salon that does good and knows a stylish cut? You’ll want to keep reading.

chairs at atelier by square salon

The Brand

In the salon industry, it’s not unusual for a single business to go through multiple owners and a rebranding process. It’s like a snake shedding its skin for shiny new scales! Square Salon has been open since 1995, but Garcia-Grove and her husband purchased it from a former business partner in 2006, immediately giving it something of a facelift.

In 2010, the couple took a risk once more, moving Square Salon from its original location to one that gave them space to grow.

“The economy was horrible in Las Vegas and we put everything on the line,” Garcia-Grove explains. “My husband and I decided to take our savings, our retirement, and just make that make that leap.”

That wager paid off! It wasn’t long until the Square team found itself short on space again, which lead to the latest addition to the family: Atelier By Square Salon, a space located just few suites away that’s focused on hair, makeup, and education.

Having a space for learning was crucial for Garcia-Grove, who places a premium on her stylists learning new techniques consistently and hosting international stylists for her team to learn from.

“As a hair stylist myself of 30 years, that’s what’s kept that passion and that fire in my belly,” she says.

Another unique aspect of the Square Salon family? Its commitment to service, including a program that helps foster care children start the school year set for success.

“We did 1,200 children for back to school,” the owner says. “We do hair services, we do manicures, we give them brand new shoes, socks, their full backpack for school.”

For Garcia-Grove, whose family immigrated to the United States from Cuba when she was a child, and her husband, a former paramedic, their business is only as good as the community it fosters.

location photo of atelier by square salon

The Location

If you were to step foot in Square Salon and then pop over to Atelier By Square Salon, you’d notice two distinctly different aesthetics. The original salon is all about bright, light spaces that are as uncluttered as possible. In the Atelier, however, warm wood brings a cozy feeling to the space.

“The vibe and the energy and keeping the family as a family is really important to us—even though we’re aware it’s a salon company, we’re very much about a family atmosphere,” Garcia-Grove says.

When you walk in for an appointment, you’re experiencing a seamless flow the salon staff have worked hard to create. They walk the salon from the customer’s point of view, trying to eliminate any pain points in the experience.

“For us, it’s everything from the moment that they call the salon to when they arrive,” Garcia-Grove notes. “We’re trying to create memories here. Not just an experience, a memorable experience. The attention to detail in everything that we do is so important.”

Whether you’re waiting for your stylist or stocking up on hair products, every moment of your experience has been thought through.

shampoo bar at atelier by square salon

The Services

Square Salon is a full-service operation, so you could theoretically get a full day’s grooming done without ever leaving. When it comes to hair, women’s cuts start at $60, children’s at $25, and men’s cuts start at $45. If you’re in search of hair color, your service will cost $80 and up—$150 and up for balayage.

The business also offers services like keratin straightening, hair extensions, and Brazilian blowouts, with prices available upon consultation. For a little something extra, treat yourself to an in-salon treatment like L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Powermix ($25 and up) or Kérastase Fusio Dose ($45 and up).

photo of atelier by square salon retail

The Products

Once your appointment is over, you may want to do a little shopping. Don’t worry, Atelier By Square Salon has you covered!

“I’m always looking for the best of the best to bring in for my stylists and also for our clients,” Garcia-Grove says.

Whether you’re hunting for L’Oréal Professionnel’s Serie Expert line, Kératase, Shu Uemura Art Of Hair, Oribe, or R+Co, Square has you covered.

The Details

Atelier By Square Salon is located at 1225 South Fort Apache Road, #135, Las Vegas, NV, and Square Salon is at #160. Book an appointment by visiting or call 702-906-1770. Follow Atelier By Square Salon on Facebook and Instagram @atelierbysquaresalon.

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