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Are You Using The Right Body Wash?

man using body wash in the shower

In our never ending quest to make you the best man you can possibly be, we’ve taken the liberty of peeking into each and every one of your showers. Let us be clear: The situation in there could be a lot better. If you’re still clinging to the heavily fragranced body soaps of your teen years, it’s time to make like an adult man and upgrade your shower routine.

Body wash for men is a hotly contested topic, especially since it usually comes hand-in-hand with a baby pink loofah sponge. Whether you’re a washcloth man or prefer a little exfoliation in your daily wash session, the formula you use can make all the difference.

The best body wash is the one that makes you feel good and smell like a king—and makes you proud to show off your shower. With that in mind, we humbly recommend one of our favorites: Baxter of California’s Invigorating Body Wash. Formulated with aloe vera and vitamin C, the non-drying body wash works to help cleanse your skin and leave you feeling fresh.

The Invigorating Body Wash comes in three scent profiles: Citrus & Herbal Musk, Italian Lime & Pomegranate, and Bergamot & Pear. The goal here is to wash your body with a formula that hints at smelling like an expensive candle, combining musky base notes with a fruit-like top layer. You’ll avoid the common mistake of leaving the shower smelling like an English garden.

Of course, it’s possible you’re not a body wash man at all. If you love washing foam build when you lather a bar of soap onto your skin or a clean cloth, you might be a soap man at heart. Trade your liquid formula in for a Vitamin Cleansing Bar, a moisture-restoring body bar that’s ideal for those struggling with parched, cracked skin. As an added bonus, it’s visually impressive: Each bar boasts a vivid streak of color that corresponds to its scent. We can imagine giving it as a stocking stuffer during the holidays, which is not something you can say about every bar of soap.

Once you’re clean, there’s one more step to consider before getting out of the shower: exfoliation. We recommend investing in a product that helps slough away dry, dead skin, leaving you with skin that feels soft and luminous. Baxter of California’s Exfoliating Body Bar (which comes in standard and travel sizes) is formulated with cedarwood and oakmoss essence for use by all skin types. The only thing better than a man with a pulled-together shower routine is one who knows how to exfoliate occasionally. Oh la la!

Still in doubt about which product might be right for your lifestyle? We’ve got you covered. Baxter of California offers a Citrus & Herbal Musk Body Bundle, which is basically a tasting platter for skincare products. It includes an Invigorating Body Wash, a Vitamin Cleansing Bar, and a Deodorant.

Armed with your new understanding of body wash, you’re ready to take your grooming routine to the next level.

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