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Aw, Snap! How To Fix Brittle Hair Once And For All

18 February 2019
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Between split ends, hair thinning, and dryness, sometimes it feels you’ll always be dealing with damaged or brittle hair no matter what you do. Luckily, there’s a way to get to the bottom of this hair problem so you can experience your healthiest, shiniest, strongest hair ever.

We talked to Iván Barreda, a Spanish Kérastase stylist, to figure out what causes brittleness and recommend expert-approved tricks for kicking it to the curb—as well as a few favorite Kérastase products. On androgynous haircuts and long manes alike, brittleness is a problem you won't have to worry about.


woman with choppy bangs and brittle hair

What is brittle hair?

Not sure if you have brittle hair? According to Barreda, weak, brittle hair can appear “drab, fragile, and dull."

In other words, if your hair has an overall lackluster appearance, lacks shine, and seems especially prone to split ends, brittleness could potentially be the culprit.

“The first symptom of weak hair you’ll notice is its fragility,” he says. “Also, a lack of brightness is a key characteristic of weak hair.”

If you're concerned about brittleness, it's a smart idea to shoot your stylist a text or pop in for a consultation. He or she will be able to recommend a product routine suited for your hair type—bye-bye, crispy ends.


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What causes brittle hair?

In Barreda's experience, three common causes of dry, brittle hair include “chemical procedures like bleaching, excessive use of hot tools like straighteners and hair dryers, and external agents such as the sun, water, and pollution.”

If you have fine hair, it can seem more prone to brittleness since the individual hair fibers may not be as strong and resilient as someone with thick hair.


woman with long blonde highlighted hair

How do you combat brittle hair?

An effective hair routine with top quality products is crucial when it comes to minimizing the feel of brittleness and helping to create hair that feels healthier.

Of course, a proactive approach is best. Preventing damage from manifesting in the first place is much easier than trying to help hair that's already weak.

Barreda’s suggestion?

“Use a thermo-protecting blowdry product that accords with your hair type,” he says.

He suggests opting for Nectar Thermique,a thermo-seal glaze that's formulated for dry hair to smooth, add shine, and make hair easier to style. If you have unruly hair, he recommends Keratine Thermique Blow Dry Primer. Finally, for brittle, damaged hair, he loves Résistance Ciment Thermique.


woman with a top knot style

Brittle Hair 101: Switch Up Your Products With The Seasons

Just as you change up your wardrobe in the summer and winter, changing up your hair care is a great way to guard your hair against environmental aggressors.

“You have to take care of your hair the same way you do your skin depending on the season. I recommend the Kérastase Soleil range for summer,” Barreda says.

On the other hand, if you live in an urban environment like a bustling city, Barreda loves Fusio-Dose. The tailored in-salon treatment makes use of four base formulas and six boosters (think strength and nutrition for brittle hair) to leave you with hair you actually like again.

Barreda's last tip?

“Use Kérastase Elixir Ultime L'Huile Originale twice a day,” he says.

This versatile (and editor beloved) beautifying hair oil is formulated with sacred marula oil for dull hair seeking shine.

Follow these tips to help minimize brittle hair. Your hair will snap back into shape in no time!

For customized advice about brittle hair, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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