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Everything You Need To Know About Caring For Fine Hair

09 February 2018
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Of all the different hair types, fine hair is often seen as the most manageable. Sure, everyone would love to be able to do a quick and easy blow-dry and be done with it, but fine hair comes with its own daily struggles. Every fine-haired woman knows what it’s like to add curls to their look, only to instantly watch them fall flat, and it’s likely you’ve tried everything in your power to maintain them.

After hours of backcombing and vats of styling spray, a solution to your bodiless strands may seem out of reach. However, the solution to your fine hair woes may be as easy as understanding exactly what type of strands you’re dealing with.

What exactly sets fine hair apart from the other varieties? We reached out to Matthew Morris, Kérastase artistic director and brand ambassador. He offered his expertise on caring for fine hair, styling tips, which products you should be using, and which products to avoid.

Interested in making your lifeless mane a thing of the past? Read on.

How can someone tell if they have fine hair?

Morris says there’s a big difference between thin and fine hair, although women frequently confuse the two.

The actual diameter of the hair is smaller when it comes to fine hair. The difference between fine hair and thin hair is density...it's very common to have a lot of fine hair. I, myself, have a lot of fine hair. If your hair follicles are fewer, your hair density is thinner. Fine hair is commonly limp, flat, and lacks volume.

Matthew Morris

Still unsure about determining your own hair type? Consider seeking out a professional for all of your burning hair questions.

What should women with fine hair absolutely avoid doing?

Morris warns that applying conditioner more than directed from the package and using heavy products designed for coarse and curly hair can severely weigh fine hair down. While conditioner is typically used directly after shampoo, the stylist offers an alternative use for fine-haired gals.

“My suggestion is to use products like these overnight so the condition and repair can be done and then washed clean in the morning with a volumizing or densifying shampoo and lightweight conditioner.],” the stylist explains.

Because haircuts are the key to keeping fine hair looking fabulous, Morris always recommends maintaining a regular salon visit schedule.

“Get your haircut on time, and don’t try to grow it too much longer as fine hair can get ‘see-through’ when it’s too long and appear stringy,” Morris says.

This may seem counterintuitive as growing your hair into a long, luscious mane tends to always be the goal, but keeping your strands at a reasonable length can help your fine hair appear voluminous and full.

While excessive or unprotected heat styling isn’t ideal for any hair type, Morris says people with fine hair should be particularly cautious about reaching for their flat irons. Since fine hair already tends to lack volume, straightening it can easily take away any body and texture you may have.

Which styles work best on fine hair?

Flat irons may be a no-go for fine hair, but not all heat styling is created equal.

“Style with a blowdryer and even rollers for maximum lift. Heat will expand the cuticle,” Morris says. “Make sure you are always using a lightweight blow dry primer like Kérastase Ciment Thermique before blow drying to help prevent breakage. One of the great things about fine hair is that it dries faster, so a lower heat setting on your hairdryer will suffice and keep your hair in better condition.”

If you have fine hair, you may think that adding choppy, short layers to your ‘do will give you the voluminous look you’ve been searching for. However, Morris suggests clean, structured haircuts that help the hair to appear fuller.

“Over texturized, shaggy, choppy and haircuts with too many or short layers can make the hair appear even wispier than it is,” Morris says.

If you’re looking to take a new style for a spin, consider trying a blunt cut or long layers to create the appearance of fullness.

What are the best products for fine hair?

Drop your smoothing serums and opt for products that will add texture and body to your strands. Morris loves bodifying mousse, texture sprays, and texture powders.

For volume and hold, Morris recommends L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Volume Envy Extra Volumizing Mousse. If you’re in search of a back-comb effect, Morris recommends Kérastase VIP Volume In Powder. Need an invisible texturizing powder? Morris recommends Shu Uemura Volume Maker.

While at-home products and care are important to the maintenance of fine hair, Morris says the golden rule to life with fine hair is finding a stylist that knows specifically how to work with your hair type.

“Find a stylist that knows fine hair and get the right cut. It all starts there!”

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