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The Biggest Hair Mistakes Stylists Wish You'd Stop Making

26 April 2018
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Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

Whether you’ve known your hair stylist for years or are just meeting them for the first time, everyone wonders what their stylist really thinks about them. If you’re hoping to become one of your stylist’s favorite clients, there are some hair habits you’ll want to put an end to ASAP. Matthew Morris, Kérastase brand ambassador and stylist, is breaking down all of the top hair mistakes to stop making at the salon and at home.

Before you get to the salon:

Believe it or not, your hair appointment begins before you even step foot in the salon. Chances are good you’re heading to the salon with a specific look in mind. Hair stylists are talented, but they’re not mind readers.

Morris recommends bringing pictures of the style you’re hoping for to your appointment. This will give your stylist a clear idea of your dream haircut is, and they’ll be able to assess whether or not it’s possible to create said look with your hair.

Bringing photos will also help you manage your expectations. If you have jet black hair but lust after opal strands, it’ll likely take several appointments to achieve your desired look. You and your stylist will be able to map out the perfect plan for your hair transformation using your photos as inspiration.

Now that you’ve got your inspiration photos, it’s time to head to the salon.

While you’re at the salon:

Arriving at the hair salon seems simple enough. There’s no way you could mess that up—or is there? Hate to break it to you, but Morris says arriving late to your appointment is one of the worst mistakes you can make. When you walk into the hair salon 15 minutes late with a coffee in hand, it sends the message to your stylist that you don’t value their time.

While your stylist would never botch your style to enact revenge, the best looks are created when you and your stylist work as a team. It’s kind of hard to be a team if you start off on the wrong foot. Arriving on time—with photos on your phone—is the best way to ensure your stylist is ready, willing, and able to create your look. Furthermore, the earlier you arrive, the more time you’ll have to ask your stylist all of your pressing hair questions.

“Be early! More often than not, I’m running ahead and would love to take you to my chair early so I can spend more time with you,” Morris says.

If you arrive at the salon on time and with photos, there should be nothing standing between you and your dream hair—that is, unless you’re glued to your phone. No one is suggesting you leave your phone at home. However, there will be times during your appointment that your stylist will need your complete attention. Moreover, stylists are people too and you may just find your next best friend if you take the time to get to know them. A BFF who can slay your hair? A win-win!

“Cell phones are just part of life now, we understand, but please let us do a proper consultation and make a game plan when you arrive,” Morris says. “We need 10 minutes at the beginning of the appointment of your undivided attention.”

Now that you’ve completed your hair transformation, you’ll need to maintain your immaculate ‘do.

When you leave the salon:

After a full day spent looking for hair inspiration photos, arriving at the salon on time, staying off your cell phone and watching your stylist completely transform your hair, you’ve finally made it through your appointment mistake-free. However, don’t get too excited just yet! Morris says a lot of the mistakes your stylist wishes you would stop making happen at home.

One of the most common mistakes people make is not listening to their stylist's product recommendations. While it may seem like your stylist is trying to upsell you, what they’re really doing is trying to equip you with the proper tools to recreate the style at home.

If we did our job correctly, you should have left knowing how to style your hair. The stylist most likely used a few key products to make your hair look the way it did. You’ll need them as well...Taking home the right products from your visit will have your hair looking like it did when you left.

Matthew Morris

While your stylist wants to empower you to create flawless hairstyles at home, they’re not passing the hair cutting baton.

“Let us do your bang trims. Wine and scissors are a bad idea,” Morris jokes.

If your trip to the salon involved a color service, a common shower habit has the potential to wreak havoc on your shade.

“We all love a hot shower, but standing underneath the nozzle with scalding water can open up the hair cuticle and there goes your color. Use hot water on your body all you want, but cooler temperature water will seal that cuticle down, trapping in not only color molecules, but moisture,too,” the stylist says.

At the end of the day, you and your stylist have the same goal: To make sure you leave the salon with a killer haircut and style. Now that you’re equipped with all of the information on what not to do, you’ll easily become one of your stylist's favorite clients—and everyone knows favorite clients get the best hairdos.

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