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How To Get Healthy Hair: A Pro's Ultimate Guide

28 August 2018
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Are your strands looking sad? Is your hair lacking luster? It sounds like you need a healthy dose of hair help! We consulted with Lorena Landauro, Kérastase Educator in Chile, for her pro secrets about how to get healthy hair once more. With these solutions, you’ll be putting your hair’s health first!

Healthy hair is the ideal we all aspire to, especially for us gals who love to experiment with color and those who like to style with heat. To keep up with the latest color trends and styles, we sometimes sacrifice our hair and its health suffers a bit.

“Healthy hair is hair that looks and feels wholesome and beautiful,” Landauro says.

Healthy hair seems less prone to breakage, it doesn’t tangle or form knots easily, it is a pleasure to style, and your scalp is happy—the absolute dream. You know when you have it and once you do, you definitely don’t want to lose it.

Consider Your Hair Type

What passes for healthy hair is mostly dependent on the kind of hair you have. All hair is different, which is why it's essential to have a consultation with your stylist so they can advise you on which products and routine will be most effective on your hair type. A healthy hair routine for curly hair, for example, will significantly differ from that of one for oily hair.

“Curls tend to be fragile because of their shape,” explains Landauro. “Because of their fragility, it’s vital that you protect your curls in every step of the routine."

To keep your ringlets perfectly intact, offer them nutrition and protection every step of the way—not the approach for someone with greasy hair!

How To Get Healthy Hair: The General Rules

While it’s risky to make generalizations about how to get healthy hair across hair types, some assumptions can be made. If healthy hair is your goal, it is likely that your stylist will first suggest a good trim (especially if your ends are damaged). If you’re trying to grow your hair long or are a fan of your tumbling tresses, this may be hard to hear. Remember, sometimes it’s better to start fresh!

As a starting point, the best hair care routine should incorporate the following steps, while still being personalized with individual products to meet your hair care needs.

Start with a shampoo like Kérastase Bain Extentioniste, a shampoo formulated for hair seeking healthy length. It strengthens and fortifies hair for reduced breakage. Follow up your shampoo with the Fondant Extentioniste conditioner. Apply a quarter-sized amount of Fondant Extentioniste to strengthen and fortify hair for reduced breakage. For long-lasting results, seal in your hair’s newfound strength with Serum Extentioniste.

“By using a range instead of only just one product is the perfect way to beautify the fiber of the hair, for locks that look healthy from the inside out,” concludes Landauro.

Now’s the time to make your healthy hair goals a reality!

For customized advice about your hair type, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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