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Let It Shine: How To Bring Dull Hair Back To Life

21 January 2019
how to fix dull hair
alex lazic

Alex Lazic

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Is dull hair getting you down? You need these insider tips and tricks to get the shiniest hair out there!

Lorena Landauro, Chilean Kérastase brand ambassador, is our go-to girl for all things shiny. She"ll help take your hair from dull to brilliant with some key product pointers and tricks of the trade. Whether you have blue, blonde, or dark brown hair, the future is bright.


How To Tell You Have Dull Hair

If you have dull hair, you probably know all about lackluster locks, no-shine strands, and tangled tresses.

“Characteristics of dull hair include hair without movement—easily entangled with little flexibility, porosity, and roughness,” Landauro explains.

If you’re nodding along to any of symptoms, you might just have dull hair. But fear not, help is on the way as soon as we get to the bottom of this common hair problem. Time to dig a little deeper into dull hair!


Causes Of Dull Hair

If you feel like your hair is dulling, it could be for one of the following reasons.

Landauro explains:

“The reasons for having dull hair are varied from internal to external causes. Internal causes can include hormone imbalances. Common external causes include not rinsing hair thoroughly enough, washing your hair with very hot water, not using the right products for your specific hair needs, using heat too frequently, coloring too much, and exposing your hair to environmental aggressions like smog, sun, and salt water.”

Eek! With so many bad things out there, what’s a girl to do?


How To Help Revive Dull Hair

Our hair care guru has the answer to your questions about the best dull hair tips out there.

“Hair care is essential to keep hair beautiful, healthy and bright. It’s important to incorporate professional products into your beauty routine, as they can minimize problems," Landauro says.

If you"re thinking of investing in new products, we have a few recommendations.

“In addition to shampoo and conditioner for daily use, you should also incorporate hair treatments one to two times a month, which can help strengthen your hair...For maintenance at home, it is necessary to use professional products recommended by your stylist," the educator explains.


The Products You Need To Help Banish Dull Hair

Not sure exactly which hair care routine to follow to help get your shine back? Landauro has an easy suggestion.

"The first step is [to] shampoo for a big boost of nutrition using the smallest amount possible... The second step is to apply the right conditioner or mask. This can help to repair hair and provide softness and shine to your hair. The last step is using a texturizer, to prepare your hair for styling or the look you want to achieve."

Also, remember to turn the shower temperature dial down to help keep damage at a minimum!

Outside of the shower, Landauro recommends investing in oils.

She explains:

“To enhance the shine of your hair, the best product to use is oil. This can be used daily even before drying your hair. Oils can help provide brightness, softness, and nutrition for the hair, minimizing the look of breakage and dryness."

Try Kérastase Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil for hair that radiates ultimate shine, thanks to a formula infused with sacred marula oil.

Don’t let drab locks dull your shine. Wave goodbye to dull hair with these tips!

For personalized advice about how to add shine to your hair, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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