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How To Maintain Black Hair Color: 5 Expert Tips To Try Right Now

26 December 2018
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Maintaining black hair color has a lot to do with keeping it vibrant, dark, and mysterious. Adrián Pérez, Spanish Matrix stylist, has plenty of tricks up his sleeve to help you make sure you’re doing right by your black.

Come over to the dark side and experience the allure that is black hair. Transform your dirty blonde hair or dark brown hair now.

How To Maintain Black Hair Color

So, why go for a black shade? Black hair is a timeless look that is as chic as it is sexy. It suits most skin tones and makes light eyes pop. However, with great beauty can come upkeep. To keep your black hair in tip-top shape, it’s essential to fight premature fading—black hair’s nemesis.

“Black coloration has a greater pigment concentration, which is why it fades easier,” explains Pérez.

Fear not, we’ve got all the tips you need on how to maintain black hair color to keep it as intense as dark chocolate.


Listen to your hair's needs.

“Washing your hair can contribute to fade, but instead of washing less, it’s better to update your routine,” says Pérez.

Updating the way you wash your hair means choosing your products wisely. Go for those designed for colored hair, as they are formulated to address your hair's needs.

“To help maintain your black hair color, use tone-on-tone colorations or acid technologies Biolage R.A.W Color Care Acidic Milk Rinse,” the pro says.


A conditioner is key.

A conditioner is a perfect way to add moisture back into your hair, something your tresses will always appreciate after the coloration process.

“To help guard black hair against premature fading, I also recommend Biolage R.A.W. Color Care Conditioner,” Pérez says.

You can also show your hair and scalp some love by using a weekly deep conditioning treatment, which can moisturize deeply.

Try Biolage Protecting Treatment, a leave-in treatment specially formulated for damaged hair. Apply from root to tip, no rinse necessary, and style as usual!


Change your combing game.

All hair colors can actually benefit from this rule: A wide tooth comb can be more gentle on your hair than a brush, as it doesn’t tug or pull on your gorgeous locks. Be careful with your hair, and it’ll reward you with fabulous shine.


Choose your hairstyle wisely.

Loose braids and ponytails are not only chic but also fabulous for your hair health. This can help to prevent breakage and splits in your tresses, giving your hair color that extra wow factor.

A style that shows off your color and protects your hair? Yes, please.

Cool off.

If you’re addicted to the heat tools, keep the heat low and repeat after us: I will always use heat protectant styling products before I use heat.

The adverse effects of constant heat on your hair can dull your locks over time, making them look worn and lackluster. Try Biolage Styling Blowdry Glotion, a long-wear conditioning heat lotion that shapes and reshapes hair with 450-degree thermal protection for fast, healthy-looking, and frizz-controlled blowouts with medium hold.

Become the raven-haired goddess you deserve to be and learn how to maintain your black hair color.

Interested in taking black hair color for a spin? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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