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How To Get Shiny Hair In 3 Easy Steps

05 November 2018
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor

Achieving shiny hair is basically like winning the styling lottery. People on the street will take a second glance as you walk by and even your coworkers will ask what’s different. What’s different? The sun glints off your hair and you practically blind yourself when passing reflective surfaces.

Sure, shiny hair is the ultimate goal whether you have grey balayage or peekaboo highlights. It denotes the health and strength of your mane—as well as how good you are at caring for it. But making shiny hair a reality requires dedication and regular care. Either that, or you can fake it with the help of a few good products.

Wondering how to get shiny hair? Keep reading.


How do you get shiny hair?

Like all hair routines, we recommend starting with your goal and working backward to determine the right products for you. If shiny hair is your end goal, it’s important to make sure you’re using formulas that promise frizz protecting, temporarily hidden split ends, and shine.

Your hair type should also play a role in how much work you must do to attain that elusive shine. Curly and coarse hair types are incredibly prone to frizz and breakage, so take extra care to ensure it’s protected against external aggressors.

If shine is the ultimate hair goal, consider investing in a keratin treatment. It can help keep your hair sleek for weeks at a time with minimal maintenance. On the care site, a deep conditioning treatment can help restore the look of health in over-processed or damaged hair.


What techniques can help create shiny hair?

When possible, you’ll always want to rinse your hair with lukewarm—not hot—water while washing it. This can help close the cuticle and create that mirror-like surface you crave. Ultimately, though, the biggest shine-ruining mistake may happen right as you leave the shower. Instead of rubbing a towel over your hair, gently squeeze the excess water from your mane with your hands before wrapping it in a microfiber hair turban or an old t-shirt.

While hair can tolerate daily styling, we advocate letting your hair breathe between styling session to achieve the healthiest mane over time. If you do have a seriously committed relationship with your hair dryer or flat iron, be sure you’re using a heat protectant before styling. Over time, that protective measure can mean the difference between delicate strands and a healthy, shiny mane.

At bedtime, help guard your mane against the stress of being rubbed against pillowcase for eight hours a night by using a scrunchie or loose hair tie. Better yet, invest in a satin pillowcase to help minimize friction.

Unsure about how any of this advice plays with your hair type? Loop in your stylist. He or she should be able to give you customized shine-enhancing recommendations.


What products can help you get shiny hair?

We wouldn’t leave you without a few new products to help refresh your shiny hair routine. Try Matrix Biolage Sugar Shine Shampoo and Conditioner to make sure your routine is all about enhancing shine. To get that reflective finish, try Pureology’s Hydrate Shine Max Serum. It’s a shining hair smoother formulated with dry, color-treated hair.

Interested in personalized tips about getting shiny hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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