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Tame Those Flyaways! 3 Tips To Get Rid Of Static Hair

31 January 2018
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It’s tricky to sidestep static hair. Whether it’s from trying to keep warm with a hat and scarf in the colder months or from simply from having dry hair, we all encounter the predicament. Thankfully Eric Pfalzgraf, French stylist and brand ambassador for Kérastase, has some tips on how to get rid of flyaways and static hair.

Start with intensive hair care hydration.

We know that in winter, the harsh winter winds and indoor heating do no favors for your hair. Experts say that intense weather calls for intensive hair care countermeasures.

“It’s important to adapt your hair care regimen in line with the seasons,” Pfalzgraf explains.

Always remember that a change in temperature should mean a change in your hair care routine. Because the main hair obstacle of the chilly season is a severe lack of moisture, including hydrating and nourishing treatments in your hair care routine is a step towards banishing that staticky look.

In this case, long lasting nourishment and hydration for your hair begins at home. The hair is sensitive to seasonal changes, so long winter days could result in brittle (and staticky) strands. Sealing in moisture starting right at the scalp using deep conditioning treatments is one of the most effective ways to keep your strands from drying out.

Avoid washing your hair too frequently.

Squash those bad habits early! Another major reason hair dries out and becomes annoyingly staticky is frequent hair washing. It’s a common misconception that frequently washing your hair keeps it in better condition, but trust us—this is false!

Overwashing can strips away the nutrients your hair needs to stay beautiful and healthy-looking.

Buy smart winter wear.

“It’s not great for your hair to wear scarves and hats since they rub against it, reducing the hair’s natural defences,” Pfalzgraf says. “It’s better to prioritize wearing cashmere and silk in order to limit these effects.”

Constantly wrapping up in your thick winter gear makes your hair more prone to damage as the rough contact gradually wears down the hair fibers.

Take more care when buying winter wear by choosing hats and scarves that are high in quality and made from gentle material. This may reduce your chances of hair damage and consequently reduce the likelihood of static hair.

Smooth out your flyaways and static hairs with these three professional tips!

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