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How To Get Rid Of Flyaway Hair In 9 Easy Steps

20 December 2018
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When wintertime rolls around and our hair care rituals change, our manes also go through a bit of a transition. Instead of dousing our ash blonde hair in sea salt sprays and air drying our strands in the warm sun, we reach for our blow dryers more often and cover our strands with beanies to stay warm. While throwing on a hat and heading out the door is common during the winter months, it can be easily lead to flyaway hair.

You’ve likely experienced flyaway hair a few times, which means you know getting rid of pesky, loose hairs can be a bit tricky. If you’re wondering how to get rid of flyaway hair the right way, you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling for everything you need to know including what causes flyaway hair and everything you can do to avoid it.

What causes flyaway hair?

Flyaways are small bits of hair that become electrically charged with static, causing them to stick out. An array of things can lead to flyaway hair. Whether it’s a lack of moisture, the weather transitioning from warm to chilly, or your choice of winter wear, everyone experiences static hair for one reason or another. If you’re currently experiencing static hair, don’t worry. We’re breaking down the eight tips and tricks you need to know for taming those stray strands for good.

Hydrate your mane.

Dealing with extra dry strands this winter? Parched locks are typically plagued by static. The key to ridding your mane of flyaways is to restore any moisture your hair might be lacking. Step one? Start by filling your hair care routine with products specially formulated for dry hair.

The foundation of any great hair care routine is a quality shampoo and conditioner system. We love the Biolage R.A.W Nourish line. The Nourish Shampoo, with quinoa husk and honey, feeds dry, dull hair for healthy-looking softer locks while the Conditioner intensely conditions for soft, shiny touchable strands.

A weekly hair mask can be just what your dry strands need—particularly during the winter. We recommend the Redken All Soft Deep Conditioning Mega-Mask, a two-in-one hair mask that is both an intense conditioner and care extender designed specifically for your dry, brittle hair.


Be extra cautious of how you brush your hair.

After years of brushing your hair, the basic styling ritual may seem like a no-brainer. When you’re concerned about flyaways, however, you should be extra wary of how you’re brushing and which tools you choose to detangle your mane.

Having damaged hair is another reason flyaway hair tends to pop up. Since hair tends to break the easiest when it’s soaking wet, wait until your hair is dry before running a brush through it.

If your locks are feeling particularly brittle, it’s best to avoid using a bristle brush altogether. Instead, opt for a wide-tooth comb. Wide-tooth combs have larger gaps in between each of the teeth, allowing you to detangle your hair with less friction—hence, less breakage that leads to flyaways.

Skip out on heat styling.

Wintertime means holiday parties and nights out on the town that require you to look your absolute best—and that means a killer hairstyle to go with your outfit. If you heat style your hair often and start to notice flyaways, it could be that you’re reaching for your wands and flat irons a bit too much. We recommend air-drying your hair as often as you possibly can.

Whenever you do decide to heat style, be sure to apply a few spritzes of heat protectant spray like the Redken Iron Shape 11 Thermal Holding Spray throughout your hair. This lightweight, thermal heat protection hairspray is perfect for use with flat irons and curling irons up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to protect your hair, add shine and reduce frizz.

Choose your winter wear wisely.

Who doesn’t love bundling up for the winter in their cutest cold weather attire? Accessories are one of the best things about winter fashion. While we love the look of fluffy winter scarfs and hats, constantly wrapping your head in winter attire can be damaging to your mane

Don’t despair—we’re not suggesting you need to give up your winter accessories completely. When shopping around for winter head gear, avoid fabrics that are heavy and can tug on your hair. Keep an eye out for products made with silk or cashmere. These fabrics are softer and ideal for limiting flyaways caused by hair damage.


Avoid washing your hair too frequently.

After a long day, a fresh shampoo sesh can sometimes feel like a pampering spa treatment. If you’re washing your hair too often, however, it can lead to serious over-drying and strip your hair of its natural oils.

If you’re hair becomes oily quickly, washing your hair less frequently might seem impossible. Luckily, all you’ll need is a killer dry shampoo to stretch your time in between washes just a bit longer. The Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo is one of our all-time favorites. It instantly refreshes hair and absorbs oil to extend the life of your blow-dry by two days.

Color-treated hair has its own specific set of needs. If you’ve recently revamped your hue, you’re going to want to choose products specifically formulated to protect your color. The Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Color Lustre Dry Cleaner Dry Shampoo is a delicate quick-dry cleanser that purifies roots without drying out lengths.

Apply a leave-in conditioner daily.

We have leave-in conditioners to thank for solving so many of our daily hair woes. Leave-in conditioners often help tame frizz, moisturize your strands, and make your hair look and feel better overall. A daily leave-in conditioner is a must if you’re experiencing flyaway hair.

The Mizani 25 Miracle Milk is our go-to for a daily leave-in conditioner. The product boasts 25 hair benefits including controlling frizz, adding smoothness, and helps shield against external aggressors.

Tame your flyaways with hairspray.

While you’re styling your hair, you might notice flyway strands pop up out of the blue. If you’ve already curled your entire mane or crafted an intricate updo, your favorite hairspray can be the answer to controlling your flyways. If you’re looking for the perfect anti-frizz hairspray, try the Kérastase Laque Couture Hair Spray.


Use accessories to hide your flyaways.

Even the best quality products can sometimes leave us feeling helpless in our fight against flyaways. If you’ve tried every trick in the book with no luck, placing a few bobby pins or wrapping a headband or hair scarf around your head can quickly conceal your flyways. While this won’t eliminate your flyaways for good, the quick trick is ideal to cover them up before a night out.

Now that you’ve read through all our tips and tricks, congrats! You’re equipped with all there is to know for getting rid of flyaway hair.

Looking for more expert hair care tips? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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