The Weirdest Request One Stylist Has Ever Gotten From A Customer
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The Weirdest Request One Stylist Has Ever Gotten From A Customer

05 April 2019
Stylist cutting hair
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

Introducing Hair Confessions, where we ask the top stylists in the industry to spill their secrets about the craziest things to ever happen in their salon chair. With years in the industry under their belt, you won’t believe what these hair care professionals have seen, heard, and experienced.

You may not have heard her name before, but you’ve definitely seen Melissa Parizot’s work. Parizot is responsible for many of the flawless dark brown hair and ash blonde haircuts seen on some of your favorite celebrities and influencers including Hailey Beiber, Michelle Salas, and Cheralee Lyle.

Hailey Baldwin Met Gala

When she’s not busy traveling the world ensuring her VIP clients have impeccable strands wherever they go, you can find her behind the chair at the iconic Cutler SoHo salon in New York City. Parizot may be a world-class hair stylist, but not even she is immune from some pretty strange requests.

“I cut my roommate’s hair and one of the craziest things he asked me to do is something I was disgusted by,” she remembers. “He told me he could only shave one of his armpits, so when I was done trimming his neck he said, ‘Do you mind trimming this armpit because I can never reach it in the shower.’ I was like, um, no!”

Yeah, we need a minute to process that.

We get it: Stylists go above and beyond in the salon every day. Your stylist does so much more than just cut your hair—they’re a friend, a therapist, and probably know things about you that not even your mom knows, but this is a step too far. Hair care professionals are masters of hair, but that doesn’t necessarily include all of the hair on your body. It can’t be too sanitary to use the same shears you use to cut your hair on your armpits.

If you’re in need of a little body grooming, leave that in the hands of your trusted aesthetician, who can wax, pluck, thread, microblade, and zap with the best of them. Your armpits—and your stylist—will thank you.

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