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6 Best Conditioners For Dry Hair In 2018

13 February 2018
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Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

No matter your hair type or texture, there’s a strong chance you’ll experience dry hair in your lifetime. Whether you deal with dry hair every day or just during the colder months, t’s something nobody likes to deal with. Lucky for you, dry hair is one of the easiest hair woes to tackle.

If you’re experiencing dry hair, simply swapping out your everyday conditioner for one with an intensely moisturizing formula is a good place to start. If you’re not sure what the best conditioners for dry hair are, we’ve rounded up six of our favorites from the L’Oréal portfolio of brands.

Mizani Moisture Replenish Conditioner

While every hair type and texture can experience dryness, curly hair if often the driest. If your curls are feeling parched, look no further than Mizani’s True Textures Moisture Replenish Condition. Retain moisture and help maintain the natural curl pattern for touchable texture with the moisturizing silicone-free, paraben-free conditioner.

Mizani Moisture Replenish Conditioner, $20.00 MSRP

Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Nourish Conditioner

If your dry hair needs a little extra nourishment, look no further than Matrix Biolage’s R.A.W. Nourish Conditioner. This nourishing conditioner with coconut oil and kaolin clay, feeds dry, dull hair and intensely conditions for soft, shiny touchable strands.

Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Nourish Conditioner, $25.00 MSRP

Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrasource Conditioner

If you’ve got thick hair, chances are you have a hard time finding a conditioner that works well enough to moisturize your plentiful locks. If your current conditioner isn’t living up to its full potential, consider swapping it out for Matrix Biolage’s Ultra Hydrasource Conditioner.

Like the aloe plant that never seems to dry, Ultra Hydrasource helps optimize moisture balance. This conditioner intensely conditions very dry, thick, coarse hair. Formulated with aloe leaf juice, cupuaçu butter, and apricot kernel oil, it helps envelop and smooth hair.

Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrasource Conditioner, $19.00 MSRP

Kérastase Paris Aura Botanica Soin Fondamental

When people imagine dry hair, pictures of straw-like locks immediately fill their heads. Dry hair doesn’t always take on a tumbleweed appearance—sometimes it just makes your hair look lackluster and flat. If you’re looking to help bring your dry strands back to life, Kérastase’s Aura Botanica Soin Fondamental may be the conditioner for you. It’s an intense moisturizing conditioner for dull, devitalized hair. An indulgent, nourishing formula with sweet orange essential oil and solidarity sourced precious Samoan coconut oil and Moroccan argan oil.

Kérastase Paris Aura Botanica Soin Fondamental, $24.00 MSRP

Kérastase Paris Nutritive Lait Vital

Some people experience dry hair all year long, while others of us only experience dryness seasonally. If your normally moisturized hair is going through a bit of a dry spell, swap out your regular conditioner for Kérastase’s Nutritive Lait Vital. The formula boasts incredibly light, exceptional nourishing care for normal to slightly dry hair.

Kérastase Paris Nutritive Lait Vital, $20.50 MSRP

Pureology Hydrate Sheer Condition

If you have fine hair that looks and feels dry, you need a conditioner that will impart moisture to your strands without weighing it down. Add lightweight moisture and shine with Pureology’s Hydra Sheer conditioner. The silicone-free formula does not create buildup or heavy coatings on hair.

Pureology Hydrate Sheer Condition, $30.50 MSRP

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