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How to Help Your Hair Bounce Back After Going Blonde

26 March 2018
photo of woman at salon with fresh blonde hair dye
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

As the saying goes, “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.” Often, that’s not the only thing she’s about to change. Coloring your hair doesn’t just alter your hue, it can change the way your strands look and feel. A bad color service by an inexperienced colorist can leave you with dry, brittle, and broken strands. Few shades are more guilty of damaging hair then blonde.

Everyone knows that the blonde hair dye process can result in weakened hair, but not many people know how to help their hair bounce back after going blonde. That’s where George Papanikolas, Matrix brand ambassador and celebrity stylist, comes in. He’s here to school you on everything you need to know about how to rehab your locks after going blonde.

Is there any way to prep your hair to help minimize damage before going blonde?

Unfortunately, there is no way to go blonde without using bleach. The chemical will always weaken your hair, but Papanikolas has a few tips to help minimize the look and feel of damage.

According to the stylist, you want to make sure your hair looks and feels its healthiest before heading to the salon for a chemical service that includes bleach. You daily, weekly, and yearly hair care routine should help your hair stay in tip-top shape. If you want to give your strands an extra boost before heading to the salon for a color service, Papanikolas recommends pre-conditioning your strands at home and getting your ends trimmed.

To ensure the damage to your hair is as minimal as possible, find an experienced and educated colorist. An accomplished colorist will know which products to use to help preserve the integrity of your hair, as well as what not to do to your strands during the bleaching process.

It's important that your colorist uses a bond protecting system like Matrix Bond Ultim8 during the lightening service...It's also important that the colorist does not use heat when lightening, as this can over-activate the lightener [and mean] a higher chance of damage or breakage.

George Papanikolas

Furthermore, an educated and experienced colorist will let you know if your blonde dreams are a bit more ambitious than what your hair can actually handle.

“It's only recommended to go up to eight shades lighter than your natural shade,” Papanikolas says. “The lighter you go, the more damage to the hair.”

Is there any way to reverse the damage caused by going blonde?

The short answer is no, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost! While you can’t reverse the damage caused by bleach, Papanikolas says you can treat damaged hair to make your hair look and feel better

“The Total Results Re-Bond system helps fortify weakened, over processed hair,” he explains. The formula repairs internal strength after damage from three lightening services when used as directed for two weeks.

In addition to using products like the Re-Bond system, Papanikolas says it’s imperative that your products are specifically formulated to help your hair retain moisture.

“Moisture is key, and keeping your hair hydrated will help balance out the dryness caused from the lightening service,” the stylist says.

Lastly, Papanikolas recommends being cautious with hot tools as your hair is already fragile from the lightening service. We recommend heat styling your hair only once a week. No matter how often you use hot tools, you should always prime your locks with a heat protectant. We suggest Matrix Biolage’s R.A.W. Heat Styling Primer, which provides heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now that you know all of Papanikolas’ tricks, your blonde hair will look and feel better than ever.

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