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How To Make A Weekly Hair Mask Work In Your Routine

19 January 2018
weekly hair mask

Emily Arata

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Between long hours at the office and time spent maintaining a sparkling social life, it’s often self care that suffers. You may have purchased a luxury face mask or spa package weeks ago, but it’s more difficult for many of us to actually sit down and relax than to spend money.

If you have colored hair or regularly use hot styling tools, one of the top treatments professionals recommend is a hair mask. To help you pamper yourself (and your mane), we connected with Michelle O’Connor, Matrix artistic director and brand ambassador. Masking is a way of life—one that’s way less time-consuming than you ever realized—and she’s a huge proponent of it.

Not sure if you’re in need of a hair mask? Give your strands a quick feel. If they’re looking a little limp or those split ends are starting to bother you, it might be time to try a treatment on top of your regular system of products.

According to O’Connor, almost every head of hair could use a bit of extra love on a regular basis.

photo of Matrix Miracle Creator hair mask

You might want to add a mask if you’ve experienced damage...You might want to also use a mask if the overall feel and luster of your hair is dry and dull.

Michelle O’Connor

In O’Connor’s opinion, most women struggle to find extra time for beauty rituals beyond the basics. These days, however, mask formulas aren’t goopy and time-consuming. It’s time to reconsider your ideas about hair treatments.

“I believe the ordeal of committing the next half hour of your life to doing something good for your hair health is actually more daunting than the fact that it may be messy,” she says. “A mask doesn’t have to be inconvenient.”

Enter the Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator, a multi-tasking hair mask that boasts 20 results and only has to sit on your hair for 60 seconds. In case that wasn’t good enough, the beloved formula is also conveniently packaged in single-use sizes. That makes it ideal for carry-on suitcases, gym bags, and even purses.

“The fact that the Total Results Mask comes in a neat little portable pouch with very little commitment of time makes it a win-win situation,” O’Connor explains. “At the end of the day what woman doesn’t want beautiful, shiny, healthy-looking hair? It took you less time than it takes to make a bag of popcorn in the microwave.”

O’Connor recommends using the Total Results Mask in the shower, both to help minimize the mess and ensure the formula works as effectively as possible. After shampooing, apply on wet hair. Wait 60 seconds and rinse. The mask helps smooth, detangle, control flyaways, and help prevent split ends.

“The benefits to using a hair mask can include increased shine, improvement in the overall look of hair, and improved texture in hair,” O’Connor adds.

Ready to get moving on more beautiful hair? The time is now. If you have 60 seconds to spare, the Total Results Mask is a formula that you should try.

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