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Editor's Pick: Mizani 25 Miracle Oil

25 March 2019
Mizani 25 miracle oil review
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

Hair oils and I have a fraught relationship. When I first went natural six years ago, I couldn’t get enough of them. Everywhere I turned, naturalistas, bloggers, and beauty editors alike were praising the benefits of oils for hair so I figured out a way to incorporate hair oils into every part of my hair care routine. I deep conditioned with oils, pre-poo’d with oils, and even styled my hair with oils.

All of that is to say that when the hair oil bubble burst, I was devastated. Now, the same people who told me to slather my strands with various oils were telling me they might not be so good for my hair after all. After years of feeling like I was taking impeccable care of my strands, I felt lost and confused. Were the oils moisturizing my strands or were they creating a barrier that prevents water from entering them? After feeling like I couldn’t find a definitive answer, I decided to swear off oils for hair altogether. That is, until I received Mizani’s 25 Miracle Oil as a gift from the brand.

Why Use Mizani 25 Miracle Oil

When I started working at two years ago, I knew hair oils and I would come face to face again. As a new beauty editor with direct access to some of the best hair care professionals in the industry, I was in a unique position. No longer did I have to spend hours combing the internet for answers about my hair oil concerns—I could go directly to the source.

After countless interviews and learning about salon quality hair oils, I learned oils aren’t bad for my hair—you just shouldn’t use the same oil in your kitchen as on your strands. That aha moment changed everything for me and when Mizani’s 25 Miracle Oil arrived on my desk as a gift from the brand I couldn't wait to give it a try.

I was admittedly skeptical when the oil first arrived, but that all changed as soon as I pumped some into my hands. Despite being formulated with oils such as sunflower, jojoba, olive, coconut oils, and vitamin E, the oil is still incredibly lightweight. Because of its practically water-like consistency, the oil seemed to absorb into my strands almost immediately. Unlike the hair oils I’d used in the past my curly hair didn’t look or feel sticky after I applied it, just moisturized, nourished, and shiny.

The 25 Miracle Oil is a luxurious treatment that boasts 25 benefits and is suitable for all hair types and has the added benefit of not only being good for your hair but also great for your skin. The miracle oil makes skin feel soft, moisturizes the skin, and has a pleasant smell.

How To Use Mizani 25 Miracle Oil

Still not convinced Mizani’s 25 Miracle Oil can do it all? Just check out what else it can do: Help hair feel supple, strengthen hair, revitalize curls, gently detangle, enhances natural texture, can be cocktailed with other Mizani treatments, won’t weigh hair down, tames flyaways, hair feels smooth, boosts natural movement, hair is more manageable, hair feels silky, easy to distribute, helps curls look beautiful, instant results.

To get instant results, all you have to do is apply two drops (or more depending on the length and density of your hair) evenly throughout your hair—wet or dry—working from your ends towards your roots.

This product has officially made me a believer in hair oils again. Now you no longer need to decide if your last precious drops of oil should go on your strands or remain in your kitchen—you’ve got the perfect oils for both!

You can purchase Mizani's 25 Miracle Oil for $20.00 MSRP at Ulta and

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