The Too Faced And Drybar Glitter Hairspray Is Perfect For Festival Season
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This Glitter Hair Spray Is Perfect If You're Already The Life Of The Party

27 July 2018
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Jessie Amato

Junior Beauty Editor

In 2018, the hair world has undoubtedly been all about glitter. From the glitterage coloring technique to countless brands launching glitter-infused products to create the most gorgeous festival hairstyles, we’ve seen no shortage of glitter hair trends. If you can’t get enough glitter in your life, you’re in luck—because one of our favorite hair brands is about to launch a festive collab with a certain mega-famous beauty brand.

Looking to show up to your next big event with some serious party hair? Look no further than Drybar and Too Faced Cosmetics’ brand new Glitter Spritzer. The glitter spray, packaged in an embellished pink spray bottle, is a gold and silver glitter spray that gives multi-dimensional sparkle with a light, flexible hold—perfect for adding a shimmery effect to any hairstyle without leaving your strands stiff or tacky.

For Drybar, a brand famously known for their blowout products, this will mark their first-ever collaboration with another brand. For Too Faced, best known in the beauty community for their colorful, fruit-scented cosmetics, this will be their first-ever hair product.

Alli Web, founder of Drybar, says the collaboration comes as a celebration of her longtime friendship with Jerrod Blandino, Co-Founder and CEO of Too Faced Cosmetics.

Too Faced And Drybar Glitter Spritzer

“Who doesn’t love a little extra sparkle? I jumped at the chance to create a super fun product with Jarrod to help celebrate Too Faced 20th anniversary! I’m so excited to launch our Glitter Spritzer because it’s the perfect amount of gold and silver glitter to dress up your blowout,” Webb says.

Not sure how to incorporate glitter hairspray into your look? Drybar has a few tips and tricks to help simplify your routine. Before applying the spray, be sure to shake the bottle so that the glitter is evenly distributed throughout the hair. Lightly spritz the product into your palms and gently work it into your strands—or hold the bottle about six inches from your head before spraying it directly onto your hair. Looking to add a bit of texture to your sparkly ‘do? Gently scrunch or tousle your hair for a messy finished look.

Interested in snagging the limited edition collaboration for yourself? The Too Faced x Drybar Glitter Spritzer will drop on on August 1 for $20.00 MSRP.

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