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What Is An Overnight Serum? The Treatment You Need To Try Now

06 April 2018
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We all have tried-and-true hair products that we just can’t get enough of. Whether it’s a reliable shampoo and conditioner system or our favorite heat protectant, there are some formulas that never seem to leave our hair care arsenals. While you may think you have every must-have product on the market you need to achieve a perfect hair day on the reg, there’s one product you need to know about: overnight serum. The best part? It does all the work for you while you sleep.

If you’ve never used an overnight serum and don’t really know what it is, don’t worry. Erika Dawn Shear, Shu Uemura artist and brand ambassador, has the full rundown on what overnight serums are, how to use them, and our top pick for you to try out on your mane.

What is overnight serum?

While standard hair serums are usually designed for daytime use, an overnight serum is a cream or oil applied to the hair before bed that works to nourish and tame dry to very dry hair while you sleep. Let’s face it: we can use all the help we can get during the only uninterrupted hours of our days.

“During the day, our hair is exposed to different free radicals that can cause damage. At night, our bodies naturally switch to repair mode,” Shear explains. “This eight hours of sleep gives our hair a break from heat and styling—the optimum time to use a night serum!”

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Who would overnight serum be best for?

Whether you have fine hair that lacks volume or soft waves in need of definition, every hair type has its own needs. If your strands need extra nourishment, an overnight serum could be the Holy Grail product you’ve been looking for. If you’re looking to help combat dry hair, Shear recommends Shu Uemura’s new Essence Absolue Overnight Serum. This nourishing and taming overnight serum is infused with Japanese red camellia oil. Shear describes the formula as the ultimate luxury.

“You can use it to style your hair, stay in braids overnight, and wake up with a fresh look obtained with virtually no effort,” Shear says.

Shear also recommends the product to curly girls to keep their ringlets in check.

Unsure about working overnight serum into your hair care routine? Be sure to consult with a salon professional about what products work best for your hair type and texture.

How to apply overnight serum

Apply two pumps to damp or dry hair, focusing on the mid lengths and ends. To evenly distribute the product, comb through your strands with a wide toothed comb.

Now that you’re equipped overnight serum know-how, you’re ready to try it for yourself. It just may be your new go-to product for 2018.

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