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CC Cream For Hair: How To Use This Makeup Staple For Your Mane

woman spraying her hair

If you’re not a morning person, you know the key to success is to keep your morning routine as simple as possible. While you’re dedicated to keeping your routine straightforward, you still want to make sure you look good. To do so, you have to rely on products that do double duty: shoes that are cute and comfy, makeup that provides coverage and brightens your face, and clothes that look just as good at the office as they do on an after-work date.

Similarly, multi-benefit products are the key to quick, easy, flawless hair. That’s where CC cream comes in. Much like the makeup staple, CC cream is here to make your hair look and feel its best. Not sure how to incorporate a CC cream for hair into your hair care routine? Cory Hoffman, Matrix brand ambassador and stylist, is here to break down everything you’ve ever wanted to know about CC cream for hair.

What is CC cream for hair?

While there are a few hair products on the market labeled “CC cream,” the truth is you’ve probably used a CC cream style product for years. The same way that makeup CC cream is a multi-benefit product (typically providing coverage, anti-aging, and hydration), CC cream for hair is a multi-benefit product for your hair.

Hoffman says CC cream products for hair are typically a hybrid between a hair treatment and styling product.

Because CC creams are multi-benefit, they can often do the job of several hair products all at once.

“CC cream doesn’t necessarily replace anything but instead offers a low maintenance option for the hair that can help protect and enhance in one bottle. It can also act as a primer to layer other styling products as well,” she says.

Hoffman suggests incorporating a CC cream product into your daily hair care routine, either as a low maintenance styling option or as a primer for more elaborate styles. Some can help to maintain and possibly even improve the look and feel of your hair.

How is CC cream different than BB cream?

If we’re going to talk about CC creams, we can’t forget about the OG multi-purpose product, BB cream. While CC and BB cream products are similar in that they are both multi-benefit, Hoffman says there is a slight difference between the two.

The stylist says BB cream products typically serve a particular purpose, such as the Matrix Biolage Blowdry Glotion. While the product has more than one benefit, its primary goal is to create a flawless blowout, whereas CC cream products typically offer a much more full range of benefits such as protecting color, conditioning, minimizing the effect of humidity, and prolonging hairstyles.

What hair types work best with CC cream?

Everyone can benefit from a hair product that can make your hair look and feel great, so CC cream is great for all hair types! If you’re not sure which CC cream product is right for you, we suggest starting with Hoffman’s favorite product: Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator.

The product offers 20 benefits including boosting shine, correcting damage, accelerating blowdry, thermal protection, anti-static, and frizz fighting. The stylist says it’s perfect on its own or as a styling primer.

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