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13 Photos That Prove Ombre Hair Color Is Still Hot

28 November 2017
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor, Hair.com

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

Ombre hair is one trend that doesn’t seem as if it’ll ever go out of style. For years, we watched celebrity stylists craft rich, natural looking color gradients on the heads of our favorite celebrities. With the rise of social media came the second wave of ombre, this one dedicated to pastel hairstyles and fanciful colors that erred on the side of unicorn and mermaid.

If you’ve been hesitating, waiting for the right time to throw your hat into the ombre hair color ring, now is your moment. Finding a stylist who’s skilled at seamlessly blending two hair colors together has never been easier.

Ready to think about deep diving into a sea of ombre beauty? Follow us as we count down our favorite ombre color combinations. There’s no excuse for not going bold.

Copper and blonde ombre hair

Copper and Blonde

For summer vacations and in anticipation of warm weather, copper is an excellent choice as a base color. It’s vibrant and friendly, perfect for the coloring of both redheads and blondes. What better way to amp the shade up then by lightening it to a blond through the lengths and ends? You’ll have accomplished playful, sophisticated ombre without giving up any naturalistic feeling.

brown and plum ombre hair

Brown and Plum

Pastel lavender shades might be the hottest thing on social media, but we’ll always advocate for a darker purple. Paired with dark brown hair, plum is flattering on all skin tones and ages. Plus, it looks just as good while fading out as it does when it’s vibrant. On lengths and textures of all kinds, plum ombre is a smart decision. You can thank us once you’re receiving compliments for your beautifully opulent hair color.

Black Cherry Ombre

Black and Cherry

If you’ve tried plum but feel like you’d rather kick your hair color up a notch, we have a solution to your mane dilemma: black and cherry ombre. This goth-tinged take on black hair opens up your mane to new possibilities. There’s no need to feel one-note when you have glorious, fruity red across your ends. It’s playful but still work appropriate—our favorite dynamics to balance between.

Black and Violet Ombre Hair

Black and Violet

Emotionally tied to black roots but cherry just isn’t cutting it for you? Violet is a more youthful take on the color, one that incorporates bright notes of magenta alongside the more traditional purple. Violet ends are ideal for the woman who likes to make a dramatic entrance and maybe have her friends create a nickname that’s totally based on her hair color. It’s not mandatory, but don’t be surprised if it happens.

espresso and blue ombre hair

Espresso and True Blue

While we’re talking all the most eccentric colors of the rainbow, it’s crucial that we take the time to talk about electric blue. Placed next to espresso roots, the shade is exciting and vibrant—and dare we say, a little punk rock? If you’re working with a dark base but find you fear damage too much to really commit to this look, a set of dyed extensions can create a similar optical illusion.

fuchsia and peach ombre

Fuchsia and Peach

Rule breakers, this color combination is designed to fit your aesthetic. There’s no commandment that says you have to start every ombre with a natural-looking base color. Instead, you can shock your friends by working with two colors in a similar palette—fuchsia and peach, for example. Far from looking childish, this pairing will read as creative and unique.

cobalt and hot pink ombre hair

Cobalt and Hot Pink

When it comes to hair color, thinking out of the box can really set you apart from every other young creative. We always advocate trying a truly wild color at least once in your life. In this case, it’s cobalt and hot pink ombre. Like some fanciful video game character or space princess, your hair will make a statement.

chestnut and gold ombre hair

Chestnut and Gold

Potentially the most popular color combination on this list, chestnut and gold ombre is a super flattering, warm take on autumnal hair. Gold has the unique ability to make women of all complexions look just a little bit healthier and more beautiful. Combined with the slight red notes of chestnut hair, it’s unstoppable.

light brown and rose gold ombre

Light Brown and Rose Gold

Like the idea of chestnut and gold but worry about overwhelming your complexion? Just want to lighten up a bit for spring? Well, we have you covered either way. Talk to your stylist about blending a flattering light brown into a mauve-inspired rose gold shade. We call this the best blend of brunette, blonde, and rainbow possible. Have your cake and eat it, too.

caramel and brown ombre hair

Brown and Caramel

Yet another take on the brown and blonde mix, brown and caramel is a natural-looking ombre that highlights the complexion and helps visually slim out the face. To make sure you’re getting most of the color combination, ask your colorist to place strategic highlights around your face. It’s all the glow of taking a tropical vacation without any long flights or layovers.

charcoal and grey ombre hair

Charcoal and Silver

This isn’t your grandmother’s silver hair, friend. Instead, it’s a cool girl look that is perfect for Friday night and Monday morning. Your colorist will blend deep, matte charcoal roots into a dazzling silver shade that catches the light. Whether you’re working with a lob or some serious length, charcoal and silver will play well with your length.

Peacock Ombre

Peacock Ombre

On the fanciful side of things, peacock ombre is an excellent way to show off several jewel tones at once like the beautiful, exotic bird you are. For this look, your dark brown roots will become bright violet, emerald, and sapphire. Because this color is so opulent, we highly recommend it for long-haired ladies who are looking to show off their waves.

sunset ombre

Sunset Ombre

Of all the hair colors with elaborate names that have crossed our social media feeds, sunset ombre is the standout. This ombre look runs through pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges, mimicking a particularly beautiful summer sunset. If you’re a hair color veteran who understands the ins and outs of keep neon shades vibrant, sunset ombre is probably a good pick.

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