The Best New Pastel Hair Color Ideas For 2017

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The Best Pastel Hair Color Ideas For Every Skin Tone

12 October 2017
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor,

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

In a beauty age driven almost entirely by YouTube hair artists and social media, there’s always a new hair color to try. Months have passed since pastel color first hit the hair scene, but we’re still totally smitten.

Part of the reason pastel hair continues to succeed is its versatility. Every shade of the rainbow is available in a bright shade. Instead of overpowering others with your neon hair, you’re able to treat a dye job like a fashion accessory.

If you’ve been debating entering the incredible world of pastel hair but haven’t been sure how, we’ve got you covered.


When we were children, every toy, sweater, and birthday cake was a particularly bright shade of pastel pink. Now that we’re grown ladies, it’s time to make a return to the vibrant color with bubblegum-tinted hair.

Because the shade is so vibrant, we love to see it on women with very dark or very pale skin. The color makes a dramatic statement, one that can’t possibly be ignored. Make like your inner child and live like a princess.

Dark Pink

Luckily for those of us who hate scheduling hair appointments, there are a few pastel hair colors that look better faded out than brilliant. Dark pink is one of these unicorn shades, developing hues of dusty mauve as it lightens.

This is a shade made for women of medium and dark skin tones, especially because the deep undertones complement the skin’s pigment nicely.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the newest pastels on this list, but there’s no chance it’ll fade from popularity any time soon. The shade, which has appeared on the hallowed heads of innumerable celebrities, is a luxe mix of honey blonde and bubblegum pink.

If you’re committed to giving rose gold a try, you’re in luck: The color is stunning on all skin tones. Don’t be afraid to flex a little.


Pastel has been trendy for several years, but clementine is a brand-new addition to the family. The color (also known as “blorange” for its platinum undertones) sparked heavy debate in the hair community.

If you’ve always wondered what to do with the pink tones in your pale skin, clementine is the answer. Just in time for summer, it’ll bring punchy vibrancy to your mane.


Somewhere between bubblegum and clementine shades lies peach, a pink that’s been tinted with just the slightest hint of orange. We know, the line between colors can certainly get muddy.

Still, we find peach to be a much more versatile color than its orange neighbor. The shade looks phenomenal on medium and medium-dark skin, but everyone else looks pretty good, too.


Amid the crowds of fashionable ladies with pastel pink and blue hair, there’s a color we don’t often see. Cool lemon hair may be rare, but we like to think of it as an extra hip take on being a blonde.

To achieve this shade, we recommend starting with an icy blonde base before melting in the sunshine-y color. This color looks best on medium to medium-dark skin tones, acting as a natural complexion brightener.


Like a breath of fresh air, pastel aqua’s toothpaste-like hues are here to save you from limp, dull strands. If you’ve been lamenting lifeless hair or can’t seem to find a traditional shade that suits your personality, go bold.

Because this color is so outrageous, we like to see it contrast against very pale skin tones. Set against stark white, aqua is truly a stunner.

Robin’s Egg

Unlike its green-tinted fellows (ahem, aqua), robin’s egg blue is a more vibrant true-blue shade. There’s no undertone of mint here, just glorious, bright hues.

It may be surprising, but we’ve found that this over-the-top shade looks best on medium skin tones—especially when those dark roots begin growing out. Keep them, and make it a beauty statement.

Baby Blue

Here’s our final take on pastel blue, a cornflower shade that incorporates luxurious notes of violet. Ladies with medium-dark and dark skin, this color is made for you.

We love baby blue because it’s so rarely seen, unlike the altogether more famous green-tinted blue. You should wear blue hair no matter the season—this color is made to be looked at.


Feel that cool, refreshing breeze? It’s not chewing gum or peppermints, but rather one of those most popular pastel hair colors of the past several years.

If you’re into the idea of trying out this clean, bright shade, rest assured it flatters all skin tones. Before leaving the salon, however, make sure your stylist gives you specific instructions for keeping the color electric.


This one’s for our blondies, the ladies who have already committed to a lifetime of purple shampoo stains on their bathtubs and hair masking like it’s a full-time job. Girls, lavender was made for you and your pale skin.

If you love the look of bright blonde, then lavender is a natural choice of pastel hair color. The shade is icy and gorgeous, bringing out eye color and creating the illusion of smoother skin. We know, it’s total magic.


Think of violet as lavender’s better-behaved cousin, the one who gets along with everybody. We love the pink-leaning purple shade for all skin tones, especially considering how lovely it looks when it fades.

If you’re a budding makeup professional, take note: Violet hair and mulberry lipstick are a match made in cosmetics heaven.


Unlike violet, periwinkle is a very blue-leaning version of purple. The shade brings visual depth to lavender and is rarely spotted on the streets. When it’s done well, periwinkle hair almost seems opalescent.

Ready to try the shade yourself? We love periwinkle for women with light and medium skin tones.


Like its shrub namesake, lilac hair is truly one-of-a-kind. The color combines pink and blue notes, melding them into a radiant, spring-like color that’s simply unforgettable.

Another thing we love is that this shade can run either very cool or very warm depending on which stylist mixes it. That’s good news for you because it means pastel lilac is a no-brainer for every skin color.

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