The 21 Trendiest Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas For 2017

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The 21 Trendiest Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas For 2017

12 December 2017
Woman with short dark brown hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor,

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

Confession: We have a serious craving for chocolate—not just the kind you eat, either, but hair colors inspired by the favorite dessert. No matter the season, dark brown hair is the right decision.

Whether you’re aiming for a medium shade with golden notes or full-on roasty espresso, there’s a shade for you. There’s a reason so many celebrities choose to go brunette: The shade is low-maintenance and lovely, especially when paired with bright or dark pops of color.

Instead of choosing to agonize over blonde or red hair, dye your hair chestnut, mahogany, dark honey, or cocoa. Don’t be afraid to indulge your sweet tooth and take your hair in a new direction. In ponytails, braids, or blow outs, dark brown hair is truly striking.

Cocoa Brown

If you’re thinking about trying dark brown hair, cocoa brown was probably your first thought. The shade is a true brown with notes of red—beautiful, simple, and flattering. Cocoa brown hair is particularly beautiful on olive skin tones.

Cherry Brown

Is your stomach growling yet, especially considering this name? Cherry brown hair is one opulent shade away from chocolate hair, introducing notes of cool red to a deep brown base. We love this color for dark skin tones.

photo of mocha dark brown hair color


When you think mocha hair, imagine the perfect blend of espresso and hazel tones. Like its delicious, rich namesake, this shade is best when served warm—warm undertones, that is. This shade is incredibly versatile, suiting all skin tones equally.

photo of Burgundy hair color

Burgundy Brown

Erring slightly more on the purple side than cherry brown hair, burgundy brown adds a violet sheen to any mane. The cool-toned color looks lovely on medium skin tones, with the red notes adding extra dimension.

Dark Honey Brown

Here’s another shade for ladies with warm-toned skin. Just the way caramel hair acts like a vacation in a bottle for blondes, dark honey brown hair makes brunettes’ skin glow. There’s a reason you see supermodels wear this color.



Chestnut is a particularly luminous shade of dark brown. If you’re worried about winter hair color that looks flat or lifeless, stress no more—the reddish notes within the shade will keep you feeling and looking vibrant until spring comes again.

photo of mahogany hair color


Not enough red for you? Try mahogany, a color so deep it hovers somewhere between brown and red. It’s a vampy, dramatic take on brunette, and we love it on ladies with extra pale, cool skin.

photo of coffee hair color

Coffee Brown

If you’re hoping for a wear-anywhere shade of brown that’s not quite as dramatic as mocha or espresso, we recommend giving coffee brown a try. The color is incredibly neutral, suitable for all skin tones and seasons.

Dark Bronze

Dark bronze hair is just luscious—there’s no other way to say it. The shade comes with hints of caramel and deep, deep brown, mixed so beautifully it’s impossible to ignore.


Have you always wanted to dye your hair black, but can’t quite cheat on your brunette roots? Ask your stylist for espresso, a truly deep shade of brown that’s reflective and mesmerizing. We love the shade for winter, especially against very pale skin.

photo of milk chocolate hair color

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate doesn’t only make for a sweet treat—it’s pretty incredible as a hair color, too. This medium-dark shade comes with warm red notes, which makes it a great choice for olive skinned ladies. Milk chocolate hair is a favorite of ours for autumn.

Dark Brown with Rose Gold Balayage

If you’ve been dying to try out the rose gold hair trend but haven’t quite committed, we have the perfect inspiration for you. Instead of taking your whole head lighter, ask your stylist to apply rose gold balayage over your dark brown hair. The resulting look is multi-faceted and shimmery.

photo of copper highlights in dark brown hair color

Brown with Copper Highlights

Not a girl who’s looking for pink hair? Try copper highlights on your dark brown hair, adding extra warm notes into the mix. This look is fantastic for natural redheads looking to mix it up a little while still paying homage to their original color.

photo of cinnamon hair color

Cinnamon Brown

Unlike many other shades of dark brown, cinnamon is unique in its versatility. The red-brown shade can skew either warm or cool, making it a viable option for all skin tones.


Hair stylists disagree on the precise shade of cappuccino, but we say it’s a medium-dark brown with hints of gold through the mid-lengths and ends. It’s a beautiful transition shade for springtime, and will even last through the end of the summer.

Cola Brown

Curious about cola brown hair? Think of the way cola looks in the light—dark in the middle, with deep red where the light comes through. That’s exactly what inspires this soda-like shade, which looks incredible on cool-toned ladies.

Black to Copper Ombre

If you’re not quite convinced to dye your whole head dark brown, we love the look of an ombre that fades from black to copper. This hair color spectrum passes right through medium-dark brown, while still incorporating several other shades. It’s all the look and none of the commitment of being a brunette.


Bronde (brown blonde) may have started as a dark shade of blonde, but the past year has seen stylists adapting it many ways. We like this color best when the base is a very deep brunette.

photo of dark auburn hair color

Dark Auburn

Girls with cool skin tones, this one’s for you. Dark auburn just barely counts as brown hair, but the purple-red shade wouldn’t be nearly as lovely without undertones of espresso.

photo of amber brown hair color

Amber Brown

On the opposite end of the brown spectrum is amber brown, a color that’s remarkable in its versatility. The medium-dark shade includes plenty of blonde influence, creating a color that mimics naturally sun-lightened hair.

photo of dark brown sombre hair color

Beige and Brown Sombre

While amber brown hair contains visible bright sections, beige and brown sombre (subtle ombre) is a much more nuanced take on the transition. Come red carpet season, plenty of celebrities will be wearing this super versatile shade.

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