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The Dark Brown Hair With Red Highlights Ideas To Try Now

13 September 2018
woman with dark brown hair with red highlights
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Nicole Vince

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With a reputation for haircare wisdom and knowledge of the latest hair novelties, there isn’t a hair trend or tip unobserved by Nicole.

Is your dull, dark brown hair dampening your spirits? Fire up your strands with some passionate hair color! Read on to discover our three favorite red tone-inspired ideas, with wise words from Miriam Mateo, Spanish Redken artist at Op Zon Madrid, about the art of painting your dark brown hair with red highlights.

Elevate your dark brown hair with red highlights.

Don’t let the saying "blondes have more fun" stop you from embracing your natural dark brown hair color. We say it’s just as beautiful while still allowing you to get creative with your personal style in your own way!

According to Mateo, going red is her go-to way to liven up any brown shade.

“Red tones give you both brightness and warmth,” Mateo shares. “Adding in some red highlights can really help personalize your color.”

The endless possibilities on a red color palette can be overwhelming, but we guarantee you’ll feel more at ease once you head into the salon.

Perfect your dark brown hair with red highlights with your stylist.

Always remember that a salon professional can be your right-hand man for color success. Mateo agrees.

“Your stylist can give you some tips about how to find the perfect red for you,” she notes. "Professional advice can give you the perfect harmony between your hair and your face.”

With so many nuances of red to choose from, they can tell you which tones will flatter your features—enhancing the look of your eye color and skin tone.

"Medium brown hair and light skin would work well with red copper and some blonde highlights. For someone with dark brown hair and dark skin, violet-toned reds will be more flattering," Mateo says.

Need some ideas to start you off? Here are three of our favorite dark brown hair with red highlights looks:


Autumnal Vibes

Maybe you’re one of those people who keeps a festive spirit all year around. If that’s the case, this auburn red-brown tone was made for you. A hand-painted balayage can brighten up dark brown hair with a subtle, earthy vibe.


Burgundy Beauty

Nothing says sexy and sophisticated more than a deep burgundy tone, which looks great in something like a soft ombre with dark brown hair. Can you say wine, spice, and everything nice?


Fiery Reds

Crank up the intensity to your look by getting red hot with warm copper or a cool candy apple red. Interweave fine babylights through your brown base for a shimmery, iridescent effect.

How To Safely Color Your Hair With A Professional Touch

The professional result is significant, but protecting your hair’s health is crucial. Thankfully, there are ways to combine both!

If it’s your first time coloring your hair, you can keep things temporary with Redken’s Shades EQ demi-permanent professional hair coloring service, which allows you to choose from a wide range of ammonia-free shades for a colored hair gloss that can last up to six to eight shampoos.

For those going for more permanent color and requiring some bleaching in the process, make sure to incorporate Redken’s salon exclusive pH-bonder service into your treatment. This hair care service helps to strengthen hair bonds to protect your strands during the coloring process. Bye-bye, damaged hair!

When you pair dark brown hair with red highlights, you’ll be bringing the heat in no time!

Interested in personalized tips about trying brown hair with red highlights? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.




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