18 Dirty Blonde Hair Ideas To Refresh Your Style 18 Photos That Prove Dirty Blonde Hair Is Everything

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18 Photos That Prove Dirty Blonde Hair Is Everything

10 April 2018
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Being squeaky clean is overrated, especially when it comes to your beauty routine. It may sound counterintuitive, but a little dirt can look lovely in the right places. Don’t throw out your face wash just yet, however—hear us out.

You know how second day hair always looks just a little bit better? It’s got a texture not even the best salt spray can replicate with added volume and bounce. The same goes for hair color. While we love perfect, doll-like shades of platinum and ash blonde, it’s dirty blonde hair that really gets our hearts racing.

During the summer, being a blonde babe is all about exuding radiance and a carefree spirit. Our hair expert, Constance Robbins, Matrix brand ambassador, discusses why she loves the dirty blonde look and how you can make this hair color last through the summer.

photo of dirty blonde hair

Dirty blonde: Less work, better against your skin.

Above all, Robbins wants to protect her clients’ hair whenever possible, so she loves that having dirty blonde hair can mean less highlighting and bleach. The technique is definitely less work than a platinum blonde!

Unlike brighter blonde shades, darker blondes are all about depth and dimension. When placed against darker skin tones or a tan, your look will instantly become mysterious and alluring.

“Darker blondes on darker skin tones look sophisticated and effortless,” Robbins says.

photo of dirty blonde hair

A dirty blonde is a natural-looking blonde.

Natural blondes are my absolute favorite. It’s natural-looking even when your hair grows out, making it very low maintenance...It’s my goal to have my client's hair look just as good three months from when they had their hair done. Longevity means added value.

Make sure to talk with your stylist about whether warmer golden tones or cool ashy blondes would complement your features best for more seamless, personalized color!

Preserve the radiance of colored blonde hair.

Once your colorist has finessed your new dirty blonde shade, search for products that help maintain your color.

According to Robbins, it’s all about quality over quantity.

“Choose three to five amazing high-quality products and use them consistently,” she says. Your stylist can help you tweak your product lineup; they’ll know what works best for your hair type!

Secondly? Put down those irons.

“Give your hair a break a few times a week and style your hair without heat. Loose braids and air dried waves are a perfect no heat solution,” she notes. “I love to spray Biolage R.A.W. Texturizing Styling Spray to give my hair texture.”

Lastly: Clarify your hair once a week.

“Buildup can happen from styling products and environmental factors. Clarifying will bring out the radiance,” Robbins explains.

Try dirty blonde hair this summer for a natural, multidimensional look!

Looking to try the sexy, subtle hue for yourself? Read on for our favorite takes on dirty blonde.

Dark Dirty Blonde

If it’s your first time going dirty, a dark blonde shade is the right place to start. Not quite caramel but not hazelnut either, dark dirty blonde mixes gold and brown notes for a creamy, soft color that’s particularly flattering on medium skin tones.

Light Dirty Blonde

Summer is in full swing, and nothing will make your hair feel brighter than a light dirty blonde. This shade is ideal for ladies who are tired of clinging to platinum or white blonde, instead craving a shade that feels a little grittier.

Cool Dirty Blonde

Classic takes on dirty blonde usually opt for warmer tones, creating a sunny brown-blonde that highlights tans and makes everyone look just a little healthier. These days, however, we’re advocating for a very cool dirty blonde that hints at ice queen (the more bone-chilling, the better). You’ll love how fresh this take on dirty blonde feels, trust us.

Ash Dirty Blonde

Ashy shades are very trendy at the moment, which means your favorite Instagram supermodel has probably already tried them out. To live life like you’re ruling social media, talk to your colorist about a beige hue that looks (and feels) totally low maintenance. In 2017, beige is anything but boring.

Dirty Bronde

Bronde is probably the newest shade on this list, seeing as it only saw a rise to popularity within the last year. The matte color is just a touch darker than standard dirty blonde, adding honey notes to a dark beige base.

Dusty Blonde

Yet another shade in the pantheon of dirty blonde hues is dusty blonde, a shade that’s gained popularity thanks to the influencers who regularly wear it. This shade is creamy perfection.

Smoky Dirty Blonde

Sultry girls deserve a hair color that’s just as moody as they are. In this case, it’s smoky dirty blonde. The chocolate-infused shade adds more drama to the standard dirty blonde look. For brunettes looking to shake up their hair color, smoky dirty blonde is a solid choice.

Honey Blonde

We regularly gush over honey manes, which seem to be the softest and healthiest of them all. If you’re angling for a super natural hair color that really isn’t natural at all, this is a shade that should have all your attention. Paired with blonde babylights, the color is a stunner.

Wheat Blonde

Like honey, wheat blonde is one of those magical hair colors that makes every woman look a little more put together. This shade suits tanned or medium complexions, and plays will with ultra-blonde highlights.

Golden Blonde

When it comes to going blonde, you might as well to commit to the identity. There’s no better way of going full Malibu than giving golden blonde a shot. The creamy, rich shade benefits from subtle brunette lowlights that add in a touch of “dirt.”

Sandy Blonde

When it’s done well, sandy blonde is a cool, ashy shade that flatters fair and medium complexions. It has tons of depth, creating the illusion of thicker, healthier hair. Who wouldn’t want to look like she just woke up like this every day?

Dirty Blonde with Caramel Highlights

Luxe, buttery blonde is one of the most beautiful hair colors available in salons. So, it only makes sense that you’d want to add a touch of caramel to your dirty blonde mane. This shade is all about creating that effortless beach babe illusion.

Dirty Blonde with Pink Highlights

There’s no rule saying dirty blonde hair has to remain within the confines of shades that grow naturally from the scalp. For a touch of fantasy, work with your colorist to figure out the placement of several pastel pink highlights. We’d recommend focusing them around your newly-brightened face.

Dirty Blonde with White Highlights

If you’re more of a white wine drinker than a rosé obsessive, don’t panic. White blonde plays nicely with its dirty counterpart, creating a dreamy swirl of icy color that’s practically begging for Instagram. Be sure your colorist keeps the white blonde highlights as fine as possible to ensure you achieve the best results.

Dirty Strawberry Blonde

Current or wannabe redheads shouldn’t feel left out of the dirty blonde world. Instead, they can try a dirty strawberry blonde that combines a subtle red shade with notes of ashy blonde. Sometimes the best shades of red hair aren’t the loudest, so take your look subtle. You’ll be impressed with life as a low-key redhead.

Grown Out Roots

Like purposefully distressed jeans and crop tops, grown out roots are one of those trends you mom probably won’t ever get behind. That’s doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly stylish, however. The stark contrast between your dark brunette roots and dirty blonde strands is a little punk rock.

Dirty Blonde with Lowlights

While we’re discussing ways to add brunette accents to dirty blonde hair, we’d be remiss to leave out a mention of lowlights. These artfully placed streaks add the illusion of depth to your hair, resulting in strands that look thicker and more textured. More hair is always a good thing, if you ask us.

Dirty Blonde Balayage

Wanting to go dirty blonde doesn’t mean you have to give up your base shade entirely. On lobs or blunt bobs, we recommend giving dirty blonde balayage a chance. The brighter color will enhance the look of any natural texture in your hair, creating a sense of movement that’s often built in short hairstyles.

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