10 Fire Ombre Ideas We Can't Get Enough Of
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Flaming Hot: 10 Photos Of Fire Ombre We Can't Get Enough Of

31 January 2018
woman with bright red hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

There are some women who just can’t be tamed. They’re smart, stylish, and always ahead of the trends, using their dress and beauty to express themselves. Natural hair colors just aren’t enough for these groundbreaking ladies. Instead of brunette and blonde shades, they opt for something that’s truly unique.

Let us introduce a look that’s extremely popular on social media but isn’t seen quite as often in real life: fire ombre. Unlike the traditional ombre technique, which can be completed with any two shades, fire ombre is all about shades of orange, red, yellow. If you’ve ever wanted to be a (literal) smoke show, now is your moment.

Interested in trying fire ombre for yourself? Keep reading.

photo of flame ombre

Flame Ombre

Flame-inspired ombre is perhaps the most classic version of this style, one that leans heavily on neon red with deep amber undertones. Starting with the darkest colors at the roots, your colorist will then transition your mane into shades of orange and warm yellow.

As you might imagine, it takes quite the lady to wear this hair color without having it wear her. If you’re in the market for a statement shade that nobody else is wearing, flame ombre should be your first pick. This shade is all the smolder without any of the smoke.

photo of fiery mermaid hair color

Fiery Mermaid Ombre

By now, you’re probably well aware the mermaid hair trend is happening. Those aquatic blues and greens couldn’t be farther from the smoky tones of fiery mermaid hair. Using the same idea of a gradient with a totally different color scheme, this steamy look creates drama with shades of orange and yellow. Unlike flame ombre, fiery mermaid doesn’t lean quite as heavily on red tones. If this is a fire, it’s just a little one.

photo of dark auburn fire ombre

Dark Auburn Fire Ombre

One you’ve tried dark auburn hair, it’s hard to fall in love with anything else. This deep red brown shade combines the best of both copper and chocolate, flattering every kind of complexion. Whereas flame ombre focuses on bright, fresh-feeling shades, dark auburn fire ombre is an autumnal shade that’s much darker. Don’t let the fall foliage outshine you this season. Instead, let your hair be the star.

photo of dark red fire ombre

Dark Red Fire Ombre

If you’re a redhead who’s been seeking a way to spice up your ‘do, dark red fire ombre is an excellent choice. Working with your natural base shade, your colorist will add hints of bright red and tangerine throughout your mid-lengths and ends. This is what we like to refer to as instant bombshell hair. The shade is muted and soft, with gold ends that illuminate the complexion without overpowering it. For fall or winter, dark red fire ombre is an excellent choice.

photo of dark brown hair with fire red ombre

Dark Brown Fire Ombre

Brunettes, don’t feel left out! There’s a fire ombre that fits you, too. If you’re looking for a brunette shade with nuance, dark brown fire ombre is about to be a lifesaver. Instead of adding significant amounts of gold to your hair, a good colorist should focus on creating medium red throughout your mid-lengths. For an extra touch, a hint of gold on your ends will look lovely.

photo of neon red fire ombre

Neon Red Fire Ombre

There’s one motto we always share with friends who can’t quite decide if they’re ready for a statement hair color: Why not? Neon hair isn’t for everybody, but we stand by it as the ultimate choice for ladies who adore standing out from a crowd.

Instead of toning down the fiery notes of your mane, this look is all about the drama. Starting with the brightest strands possible, your colorist will add cartoon red, which will fade into neon orange and (of course) bright yellow.

photo of black hair with flame red ombre

Black Fire Ombre

Do you love the idea of fluorescent locks, but can’t quite bring yourself to deal with the damage of lifting color from your entire head? Rest assured, there’s a take on fire ombre that’s perfectly suited for your natural mane.

For black fire ombre, your colorist will maintain your dark base tone while lightening your mid-lengths and ends. The bottom half of your strands will transition through red, orange, and yellow. The best part? When your ombre begins to grow out, there won’t be any roots to show.

photo of pink and gold ombre

Pink and Gold Fire Ombre

If you’re looking for a way to combine pastel hair colors with the fire ombre trend, we’ve got you covered. There’s a lighter, brighter take on rose gold that we’re loving, and it begins with dusty mauve roots. Instead of fading the color into a bright yellow, your colorist will use the opportunity to build a luxe gold shade at your ends.

Instead of appearing intense and fiery, you’ll be surprised at how romantic and soft the resulting look can be. Knock out two trends at once without regretting either, which is rarer than we’d like to admit.

photo of copper fire ombre

Copper Fire Ombre

Copper is one of our favorite hair colors because of the way it rides the line between brown and red. It’s dynamic and sultry without being too in-your-face. So, it only follows that a version of fire ombre that’s based in copper shades would be equally gorgeous.

For this color, your colorist will begin with chestnut roots that become true copper. Then, they’ll taper into golden blond. There’s not much true red in this style, but there are plenty of hints at the shade. We love this look for fair, medium, and dark skin tones. Everyone looks beautiful as a copper queen.

photo of sunset ombre hair

Sunset Hair

Every few years, a color comes along that truly startles the hair industry out of complacency. Sunset hair is one of those shades, cycling through electrifying purple, red, orange, and gold to mimic the shades of a tropical sundown.

We love this shade on extra-long manes, so the colorist can have the space to play and create the most artful composition of colors. Just make sure to invest in a color safe hair care system, one that can keep your strands looking vivid until your next appointment.

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