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Golden Blonde Hair Needs To Be On Your Radar

16 May 2019
woman with golden blonde hair
alex lazic

Alex Lazic

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Perhaps all that glitters is gold after all, especially when it comes to golden blonde hair! For all things bright and shiny, we spoke to Ashleigh Hodges, British Matrix artistic director, for her hot take on this gorgeous hue.

Now's the time to get a head start on summer with beautiful golden blonde hair!

Golden Blonde Hair: Why It Should Be On Your Radar

Golden blonde hair should definitely be your next shade if you're looking to add some lightness to your mane.

"It's that classy, warm blonde that makes hair look expensive," Hodges says, explaining exactly why this color is taking over your 'gram stories and everywhere in between.

This beautiful hue can be applied with various techniques to really up the ante when it comes to finding the perfect shade for you.

"It's amazing as an all-over tone but also works great as highlights," the pro says.

It's also the perfect way to give your hair the refresh you need for warmer months—just try golden blonde balayage, babylights, or for something slightly darker, pair golden blonde accents with golden brown hair. If your goal is to add some luster to your mane, then you've come to the right place!


Golden Blonde Hair Care

Once you've consulted with your stylist to discuss the best way to customize golden blonde hair for you, Hodges recommends receiving a bonding treatment in the salon during the bleaching service. This will not only help to reinforce and protect your hair, but it'll also help the golden blonde hair dye to shine. With a bonding treatment, your tresses receive a healthy dose of nutrition and hydration to help make up for anything lost during the bleaching process (which is especially vital for brunettes or those with darker base colors going light).

To keep your precious golden blonde hair shining, there are a few things to remember in your at-home routine:

Pop On The Purple

If you didn't know already, purple shampoo is a must-have to keep your golden blonde hair bright. Integral in the fight against brassiness, this exceptional product can be used to help neutralize any unwanted tones that have a habit of creeping in over time. Try Matrix Total Results So Silver to counteract brass while helping your color stay as good as gold!


Conditioner Is Key

"To keep your hair color vibrant, always condition, condition, condition," Hodges explains.

This is a crucial step because the color will only look its best when the hair is hydrated and healthy.

And, as an extra pro tip: "A cold rinse after your conditioner can help to seal the cuticle and lock the color in longer for lasting tone and shine," she adds.

Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid routine (shampoo, conditioner, and Lamination Spray) is the perfect solution to help keep minimalist, adventurous, and expressive fade-resistant, long-lasting colors looking bold, feeling addictively soft, and radiating with megawatt shine!

Play It Safe

"Avoid high heat, excess straightening/blow drying/curling as this will contribute to fading...and remember to always use a heat protector," sums up Hodges. Matrix Biolage R.A.W Heat Styling Primer can be applied to damp hair as the ultimate pre-blow-dry companion for touchable results to keep your golden blonde hair in check!

Lighten (and brighten) up your life with golden blonde hair!

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