10 Green Hair Color Look Inspirations To Try In 2018
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Green Hair Color: How To Wear Mint, Aqua, And More

18 May 2018
photo of woman with mint green hair color

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

Green is the color of envy, wealth, and luxurious glamour. Whether we’re talking about a bright kelly shade or a rich emerald, the color family is undeniably sexy. While the rest of the hair world lost its mind over rose gold and honey blonde, we waited for green hair color to have its moment.

If you’ve considered going green in the past, rest assured that the right moment is now. Colorful hair has never been more acceptable at work and in society, so you’re unlikely to get a lot of looks after coloring your mane. (If you do, they’re likely just appreciating your grassy ‘do!)

Need some inspiration before heading to the salon? We have plenty of dream green manes saved up. Scroll down to take a look.

Midnight Green

Midnight green isn’t for hair color virgins because bright shades have a reputation for being finicky to maintain. If you are ready for a hair challenge, however, midnight green will knock ‘em dead. The deep, forest-like shade hints at navy, mimicking the way deep water looks under fading light. Visible roots will require regular maintenance with a color this bold, so it’s easiest to maintain for ladies with naturally dark hair.


For every neon take on a color trend, there’s a muted version that’s surprisingly wearable. We’d call this ashy take on green hair a subtle, cool girl version of moss that incorporates a little blue. To avoid the maintenance that comes with visible lines of demarcation, ask your stylist to apply the shade using a balayage technique. Though your pro will need to pre-lighten your hair to make this shade show up (unless you’re already blonde), fewer touch-ups ultimately mean healthier hair.


If ever there’s been a color uniquely designed for the social media generation, it’s this mint shade. Light enough to fit into the trendy pastel category, the bright shade allows cool blonde to show through beneath the green. We’d recommend this shade to blonde veterans who are tired of maintaining platinum and ready to move on. To ensure your green doesn’t fade away, talk to your stylist about a customized product routine designed to protect your pigment.

Hunter Green

Unlike shades of green that run blue or yellow, hunter green is pure emerald glory. The shade is for green purists, the ladies who aim for maximum drama when they go in for a new hair color. In order to show off your hunter green locks to best effect, we’d recommend purchasing long extensions and getting them colored the same shade as your mane. Once they’re clipped in, take your mermaid hair out on the town.

Kelly Green

Kelly green is so named for its unavoidable association with all things Irish. It’s a bright, cool version of green, one that (understandably) looks gorgeous against very pale skin tones. If you’re looking for a fantasy color that goes well with a bob, you’ve found it.

Two Tone

In the hair world, more is nearly always better. Green is surprisingly versatile shade, pairing well with colors like copper and lavender. To make sure you’re not ending up with a green pea-like mush of color on your mane, make sure to bring inspiration photos into your consultation appointment and have a long discussion with your stylist about care.


When life gives you pistachios, wear them on your head. We wouldn’t recommend trying to make pistachio shells work as a headpiece, but the nut’s color has inspired a pretty fabulous shade of yellow-green. If green hair color interests you but you’re worried about it clashing with your summer aesthetic, look no further than this luminous shade.


We’ve already seen growing interest in yellow-tinged shades like marigold hair color, so it only makes sense that green shades leaning a similar way would pop up across social media. This muted green perfectly complements summer tans and medium skin tones.


Mossy green hair color may not seem like the most wearable shade, but we find it’s gorgeous when paired with bright blue. While the color combo isn’t exactly subtle, we always like to stand out! Because your stylist will pre-lighten your hair to create a blank canvas for the green, be sure you’re asking for product recommendations that can help your mane look and feel beautiful.


Not quite sold on the idea of fully committing to the green hair lifestyle? Start with aquamarine, a shade that straddles the line between blue and green. Just in time for summer, get a full head of vibrant color.

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