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13 Hair Color Ideas That Look Killer With Tan Skin

02 July 2018
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Emily Arata

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These days, you won’t catch us anywhere near a tanning bed. Should the opportunity to bake on a beach for five hours arise, however—well, we’ll be the first ones with our bikinis on. For many women, suntanned skin looks sexy and flattering. It also enables you to partake in colors or trends you wouldn’t normally try.

If you’re rocking a base tan and are ready to have some fun before the fall, take a look at our favorite shades for toasty, roasty golden skin. Why not take the chance while you can? After this, you’ll want to give your stylist a call and demand a hair color for tan skin.


If you stuck to watercolor washes and pastels when you were feeling particularly pasty, it’s time to switch up your hair color routine with vivid magenta. Not quite blue, red, or purple, this jewel-toned shade reads as more of a neutral look on tan skin.

Nude Blonde

Show off your nude...blonde hair color! This effortless shade plays on childlike, natural-looking highlights. It also happens to look stunning against summery clothing colors like white and hot pink. Warning: Once you try this blonde, it’s going to be hard to switch to anything else.

Cream Soda

Orange shades are often overlooked in the hair world, but ladies with tan skin can benefit the most from their glowy presence. If you’re a newbie to the world of orange, start out with cream soda hair color. This trendy shade incorporates blonde notes so you don’t feel too far out of your comfort zone.

Icy Lavender

Depending on how dark your tanned skin is, it might behoove you to choose a cool shade like icy lavender for your summer aesthetic. If you’re really down for an artistic look, talk to your stylist about painting different sections of silver and light purple throughout your mane.


Of all the colors to pair with a tan, copper hair is one of our very favorite shades. The bright gold and orange notes echo the deep bronze of your skin, resulting in you appearing more like a goddess than you ever thought possible. If you have a naturally fair complexion but have gotten a little sun, copper is a great pick.

Acid Yellow

Starting with a naturally dark skin tone allows you the freedom to experiment with vibrant hair colors that make a statement. We’ve been obsessed with acid hair colors since the spring, but a beachy tan enables us to finally take them for a spin.

Honey Beige

Beige hair colors are still very much en vogue, so take this opportunity to finally try one out. The honey tones play beautifully off caramel skin. With a shade this flattering, we wouldn’t be surprised if you pack up your makeup bag and don’t touch it all summer.

Cool Pink

Repeat after us: Cool pink is the new pastel pink. This dreamy shade is bold enough to make a statement and is less of a blonde shade than we’ve seen in past years. When in doubt, ask your stylist to leave some shadowy roots visible.

Surfer Blonde

Surfers spend countless hours floating in the water, which often results in bright blonde highlights at their roots and around their faces. Luckily, you don’t have to be athletic to try a shade this good. Today’s stylists are adept at creating natural-looking accent pieces to play off your summer tan.

Chestnut Blonde

If you’re a natural brunette, it’s normal to balk at the idea of trading in your dark base for a blonde shade. Don’t worry about it—there’s no reason to! A shade like chestnut blonde involves blonde highlights throughout the ends to give the overall impression of lighter hair.

Sunkissed Auburn

Transition into the warm weather by adding hints of bright blonde to your auburn ‘do. Against tan skin, this shade is a totally summer-appropriate red that won’t wash you out. If you’re not so sure about a brilliant ginger shade, ask your stylist to add more brown base notes to the look.

Nut Brown

If very light brunette is your goal, choose a brown shade that winks at dark blonde. The darker your tan gets, the more the sun will lighten your hair. The result will be a creamy, dreamy combination of browns and golds that will last you far into the fall.

Dark Silver

Silver may seem like it’s best suited for winter, but people who think that have never seen it against tan skin. When in doubt, ask your stylist for a moody shade that falls closer to charcoal.

Interested in personalized color picks to flatter your tan skin? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a hair stylist near you.

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