3 Highlights For Dark Hair Ideas To Try Now
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Highlights For Dark Hair: 3 Gorgeous Ideas To Try Now

26 November 2018
highlights for dark hair
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Embrace your light side with highlights for dark hair! Justin Isaac, American Redken global colorist, shares his expertise about everything you need to know to achieve this beautiful color combination. Whether you’re into dark brown hair or dirty blonde, he has a suggestion just for you.

Time to lighten up! Read on to learn how.


highlights for dark hair

Highlights For Dark Hair

“Clients want to spend less time in salon yet achieve the same or better results,” Isaac says.

Highlights for dark hair are the perfect way to inject a bit of color into your hair. Dark blonde or brown highlights in dark hair can create a subtle, dimensional look that helps to elevate classic brunette shades to something that speaks volumes.

We love caramel, honey, and other natural-looking shades as accent colors for dark hair. You’ll find that the new color can brighten your complexion—a must, particularly when winter has you sitting inside all day. If you’re feeling edgy, even red-influenced shades are a smart idea (see: chili chocolate hair).

Beautiful results in half the time? Sign us up!


highlights for dark hair

Highlights For Dark Blonde Hair

For those with lighter locks, blonde highlights for dark blonde hair can also be an effective way to transform color. The choices are unlimited when it comes to the hue for you, as well as the look you’re after.

“What we place inside the foils can vary from babylights, traditional highlights, chunky streaks, or even slices to make modern ombré blondes,” Isaac says.

If you’re aiming for the most modern blonde color, we recommend keeping your highlights as subtle as possible. Ask your stylist to focus them at your crown and around your face to mimic the effects of sunshine. When in doubt, ash blonde is always a winner.

Once you’ve decided on the color and style you want, all that’s left is to sit back and wait for the (light) magic to happen!


highlights for dark hair

Light Highlights For Dark Hair

For the brunettes looking to embrace their light side, blonde highlights for dark hair gives you the color without the commitment. This look takes sun-kissed to a new level!

Of course, your blonde is only as good as the products you use after leaving the salon. If you’re a seasoned pro at maintaining blonde, you know the importance of purple shampoo.

"To help keep blondes healthy and less brassy, I recommend the Redken Blondage line for all at-home care,” Isaac says.

The Redken Color Extend Blondage system includes a color-deposting shampoo formula, which works with the line's conditioner to act as a toning and strengthening system for blondes.

And there you have it: three smart ways to brighten up your hair for dazzling results!

Interested in customized highlights for your dark hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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