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The Blonde Bible: The 5 Commandments To Help You Get The Best Blonde Hair

28 March 2018
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Calling all blonde babes! We know the nuances of your light shades can be tricky to master, and at times your color can be downright temperamental. Luckily, this is one hair battle you can overcome! Our saving grace is Tracey Cunningham, Redken brand ambassador and celebrity colorist. She’s compiled her best bits of expert advice into one place—a comprehensive blonde bible of sorts.

Read it, memorize it, and have it handy for that next salon visit.

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Blonde is an entire color spectrum

You may think all blonde shades are treated the same, but this is not the case!

One blonde doesn’t fit all..From brondes to beachy California blondes, there is a range of shades for every client.

Tracey Cunningham Redken’s Creative Consultant for Color

Whether you’re hoping to elevate a natural blonde tone, going platinum or lightening up darker bases, she recommends always seeing a professional colorist to meet the specific needs of your blonde desires. Choosing the right colorist can really make or break your coloring experience, and you will always significantly benefit from a salon touch.

Here’s a breakdown of her professional blonde hair commandments:

First and foremost, strengthen your strands. Even if you’ve found your perfect color, hair care is fundamental before and after any color application!

“I would rather take longer to achieve your desired hair color than compromise your strands,” Cunningham says, “As a colorist, my number one priority is to maintain the health and integrity of each client’s hair.

photo of woman with light blonde hair color

Color maintenance is non-negotiable.

Whether simply refreshing your natural color or going for a complete blonde transformation, regular touch-ups for color are necessary.

“I have clients that I see every month to maintain their blonde just as they like...Think of your hair color as a long-term investment and not something you’ll do once and forget about,” Cunningham shares with

photo of woman with curly blonde hair

Keep an open dialogue with your hair stylist.

“You might be saying one thing, but I hear another,” Cunningham notes. “The only way to ensure you and your colorist are on the same page is to show examples of exactly what you are looking—and not looking—for.”

photo of woman with blonde hair and highlights

Hair professionals love highlights.

It’s not what you may think—no streaky messes, just a glow up!

“I always talk about babylights—the fine highlights you had as a child,” Cunningham explains. “Those are key to so many of my blonde looks. They are meant to look natural and sun kissed, not overly processed.”

Free-hand painting techniques like hair contouring will also brighten up your face and accentuate your favorite features.

photo of woman with short platinum blonde hair

Reinforce salon treatments with at-home care.

“The products you use at home are just as important as what I use behind the chair,” Cunningham stresses. For daily color protective measures, Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner will help keep your blonde locks looking beautiful between appointments.

Follow these five commandments at your next blonde hair consultation and discover just how good being a blonde can truly be!

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