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Warm Up! 14 Ways To Get Chestnut Hair Color

05 February 2018
photo of woman with chestnut brown hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor, Hair.com

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

Every brunette believes she’s the proud owner of the most beautiful shade to ever exist. Whether she’s naturally a dark chocolate with red throughout or a lighter ash, you only have to ask her about her color to get a full monologue.

There is one hue of brown hair that stands out above all the others, however: chestnut hair color. Unlike ash or chocolate, this roasty shade is unique blend of red and brown notes.

It’s not just our imagination that chestnut is popular, either. Abbie Adotta, L’Oréal Professionnel brand ambassador and stylist, sees many clients who request the color for its versatility.

Chestnut hair is so popular because of the many options it gives to clients. You can add subtle highlights and lowlights to compliment skin tone...We mostly see it in fall and winter months to warm up skin tones as those summer tans fade away.

Abbie Addotta

It’s usually worn by women with light skin tones, but anything is possible if you have a talented colorist and photo inspiration. With a little tweaking, chestnut looks lovely on even the deepest and fairest skin colors.

Like any other shade, chestnut will require regular maintenance—both at home and in the salon.

"You could maintain anywhere from every eight to ten weeks with a demi-permanent color service, possibly with a few face-framing balayage pieces to make the chestnut color pop,” Addotta says. “The beauty of this tone is that is fades gracefully, as long as at home maintenance with your stylist recommended shampoo and conditioner.”

We love a low maintenance look—especially when it’s as beautiful as this one.

Want more inspiration for your chestnut style? Keep on scrolling.

photo of mahogany chestnut hair color


Mahogany hair color is chestnut at its most dramatic. Like any fiery redhead will tell you, red hair is all about making a visual impact.

photo of chestnut hair with auburn highlight

Auburn Highlight

If you like the look of reddish brown shades but don’t want to go quite so dark, talk to your stylist about adding red accents throughout your hair.

photo of chestnut hair color with copper highlights

Copper Highlight

Angling for a red that tinges on blonde? Try copper highlights to up the shimmery, jewel-toned aspects of your chestnut color. As a bonus, this shade is perfect for spring and summer.

photo of ashy chestnut hair color


In case you hadn’t heard yet, all the cool girls are embracing ashy brown manes. This beige-tinted shade looks effortless but flattering—kind of like “no makeup” makeup for your hair.

photo of maple chestnut hair color


Maple is darker, moodier take on chestnut hair that has a dreaming of cashmere sweaters and chilly nights spent indoors. If you’re looking for a hint of vamp in your life, this is the way to go.

photo of chestnut hair color with caramel highlight

Caramel Highlight

It’s pretty much impossible to go wrong with caramel, particularly in highlight form. Chestnut and caramel are like peanut butter and jelly—once you’ve tried them together, you’ll never go back.

photo of honey chestnut hair color


Like caramel, honey is a luscious color that’s easy to pull off. Whether you have fair or dark hair, you’ll be pleased at how beautifully this one turns out.

photo of sun kissed chestnut hair

Sun Kissed

We all know what makes a sunny blonde, but that can be tougher to figure out the equivalent for brown hair. We like dark blonde highlights around the face to brighten your complexion.

photo of short hair with chestnut haircolor

Short Hair

Few things are as universally flattering as the lob, which has become the favorite cut of ladies young and old. What’s better than showing off your new color with a fresh cut?

photo of mocha chestnut haircolor


No one says chestnut has to be paired with blonde—we love the look of dark, chocolate-y locks on any length.

photo of cappuccino chestnut hair color


Color names can mean different things to different colorists, which is why it’s so important to bring photo examples to any appointment. Cappuccino hair color, which blends ashy brown highlights with a darker base, is the perfect trend shade to try.

photo of espresso hair color


Not a trend person? Step up your look with a classic shade like inky espresso.

photo of chestnut ombre


Ombre is the ideal choice for ladies who can’t decide between shades. Why not try them both?

photo of chestnut balayage


For an effect that’s even more subtle than traditional ombre, ask your colorist for balayage that mimics the appearance highlights created by the sun.

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