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14 Photos Of Magenta Hair We're Currently Obsessing Over

06 December 2017
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor

When it comes to hair shades that are a fashion statement all their own, magenta is the ultimate pop of color. The showy raspberry pink can run either hot or cool, brightening up complexions with its near-neon undertones while simultaneously serving a cool girl vibe. 

Forget pastel pink, rose gold, and the like. For ladies who have experience maintaining vibrant hair colors and know how refreshing it can feel to wear an unexpected hue, pink is the way to go. Magenta color hair is a fresh, smart idea that reads more purple than fuchsia. 

To get a glimpse of all our favorite shades of magenta, keep reading. Don’t be afraid to save a few images to bring to your colorist. She’ll be impressed with your specificity.

photo of magenta hair

True Magenta

Magenta is a beautiful hair color because it’s so flattering to the complexion. Whether your colorist plays up the violet undertones of the shade or tilts it toward a warm red, there’s a way to make the color work with your style. Think of the hue as the best bits of both blue and red shades, conveniently brought together just for you.

photo of raspberry hair


The hunt for a shade of pink that flatters your cool complexion ends here. Raspberry is an extremely frosty take on magenta hair, boosting the violet undertones into a mouthwatering red-purple shade. This isn’t a color for wallflowers, since it’s bright enough to get you noticed in a crowd.

photo of plum hair


Think of plum like raspberry hair that’s had the purple kicked up an extra notch. You’re still looking at a very cool shade, but this one leans a lot more toward grape. Interestingly, plum flatters complexions at two ends of the spectrum. Very light and dark skin tones will find the shade most flattering.

photo of purple hair


If you’re anything like us, you probably used cheap spray dye to color your hair at least once in grade school. Grown adult hair color is nothing like that mess—and thank goodness for that. We may be older, but purple hair is just as trendy as it’s ever been. This violet with hints of raspberry is beautiful on ladies of all complexions.

photo of dark red hair

Dark Red

A statement hair color is never a bad decision, at least not according to us. If you like the idea of magenta lengths but want to tone down the brightness, dark red is an excellent way to go. On very pale complexions, the striking contrast between hair color and skin tone packs a serious visual wallop. Dark red also makes a smart choice for brunettes who don’t want to damage their strands.

photo of burgundy hair


While breaking down the world of dazzling, dramatic color, we’d be remiss to ignore burgundy. This shade is every bit as vampy as dark red, but leans more heavily on blue notes. As a result, you’ll be left with a rich purple red hue that’s extra appropriate for autumn and winter.

photo of magenta lilac blend hair

Lilac and Magenta Blend

There’s never been a better time to try fantastical hair color. Office dress codes edge toward casual (depending on your career path), well-trained colorists are everywhere, and social media provides endless inspiration. If wild color piques your interest, ask for lilac and magenta streaks blended into dark brown hair.

photo of black to magenta ombre

Black to Magenta Ombre

Ladies with dark complexions often find that hair trends just don’t work on anything but the palest skin. We’re happy to report that nothing could be further from the truth, especially once you start researching shades of magenta. For a punchy statement shade that sits at the ends of your mane, try a black to magenta ombre. 

Photo of magenta and teal hair

Teal and Magenta Blend

Eggs and bacon. Chocolate chips and cookies. Like all the classic duos in life, teal and magenta bring out the best in each other. Whether your colorist divides your hair in two before coloring each side or uses teal as an accent color, the throwback shade can do no wrong. Don’t be afraid to leave your mane comfort zone.

photo of magenta chocolate balayage

Chocolate with Magenta Balayage

Magenta is a loud color by nature. No matter how sparingly it’s used, there’s just no toning it down. That said, magenta balayage is an excellent way to give the shade a shot without feeling like it’s wearing you. Let your colorist know that you’d like to keep the accent shade to a minimum, and you’ll be just fine. If you want more magenta next time, we totally support that.

photo of purple magenta ombre hair

Purple to Magenta Ombre

Unicorn babes, this one’s for you. Purple to magenta ombre is a gorgeous, vivid gradient of rainbow colors that knocks pastel out of the park. We always respect women who wear art on their heads, which is why we’re so wholeheartedly behind this color. Like all jewel-toned shades, this one will require a little extra maintenance. Make sure you’re really listening when your colorist explains it.

photo of magenta sunset hair

Sunset Hair

If you’ve ever vacationed on a tropical island or beach, you’ve witnessed those awe-inspiring orange, purple, and magenta sunsets. Like the natural phenomenon, sunset hair’s fiery color gradient will take you by surprise. Although this look is primarily seen on professional hair models because it takes time and effort, we think it would look just as lovely on you.

photo of magenta to orange ombre hair

Magenta to Orange Ombre

Maybe it’s just the warm weather, but lately all we can think about are creamsicles. Magenta to orange ombre is a similar color palette, sliding from tangerine to raspberry with ease. Since it’s so vibrant, we like the shade best for summer. If you’re worried about maintaining the color, it’s best to have a consultation with your colorist before scheduling an appointment. It’s no fun to have a hair color that you can’t even enjoy.

photo of magenta to blue ombre

Magenta to Blue Ombre

If you like the idea of a transition between shades but find yourself preferring the way magenta looks next to cool colors, then try out the pinkish hue next to cobalt. While this shade will require regular upkeep, it’s worthwhile to make a statement with your ‘do. If not now, when will you ever try this again?

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