10 Pastel Hairstyles You'll Want To Try Now

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10 Pastel Hairstyles You'll Want To Try Now

28 August 2017
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor, Hair.com

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

Being an adult is complicated. Every once in a while, you’ll find yourself bogged down by unending work projects, complicated life choices, and the general slog of daily life. When that happens, beauty is the perfect way to hit the reset button on your brain.

It may seem silly, but scheduling a few hours of your day dedicated to a fresh, whimsical idea like pastel hair will work miracles. Not only will you have the chance to sit quietly and take a deep breath, you’ll also restore your sense of you.

Some women go to yoga or get a manicure, but we call up our colorists for a quick fix. Pastel hair is always a good idea. If you’re looking for a rainbow of inspiration, search no further. We’ve done your research for you

Blush Bob

Women with extremely pale complexions often express frustration at how difficult it is to find colors that don’t overwhelm them. Lady friends, blush is the answer to all your prayers. This ultra-feminine shade is every bit as delicate as your skin tone (and extremely trendy, to boot).

To minimize the amount of upkeep on your look, we like to advise trimming your ‘do into a bob. The blunt length feels modern, updating such a girlish color.

Black to Silvery Blue Ombre

Last year’s trends were all about fanciful creatures (here’s looking at you, unicorns and mermaids), but this year the trend award goes to any shade that incorporates an ashy or matte finish. That’s why we’re so crazy for a dramatic pastel ombre, one that begins with dark roots but ends with a splashy pop of color. When in doubt, a silvery blue is the way to go.

This look is not only Instagram friendly, but also easy to maintain. When you stop loving your brilliant ends, just cut them away.

Cotton Candy Waves

Cotton candy hair was one of the first pastel trends to rule our social media feeds, and with good reason. This look incorporates a little bit of everything: icy blonde, a blend of pastels, and a watercolor finish that will wear effortlessly.

For those of you who’ve invested plenty of time and hard-earned dollars in blonde hair over the years, cotton candy waves are an excellent way to enliven your mane without totally destroying all that work.

Mint and Blonde Beach Waves

Here’s another look that’s ideal for blondes. We’ve always been advocates for mint hair, which is just a touch more unexpected than pastel blue or aqua. The green shade pairs beautifully with fair and medium complexions, and always manages to make a real statement.

To make the most of the summery shade, request an ombre or balayage application from your colorist. On long, wavy locks, the combination of beachy waves and mint is stunning. Don’t forget to invest in a quality sea salt spray to recreate the “gone surfing” vibe at home.

Metallic Purple Angled Lob

Now that nearly every woman has tried the lob, it’s clear the style is due for an update. That’s why the angled pastel lob is such a style revelation. The shoulder-length cut is longest around your face, tapering to sit closer to your nape in the back.

Aside from acting as a pick-me-up, a shorter cut is always a unique opportunity to go for a daring color change. Holographic hair is an excellent choice, particularly when it’s in a universally flattering shade like purple.

Opal Curls

Like holographic hair, opalescent shades have emerged as one of this year’s serious trends. The reflective blend of subtle pastel shades creates the look of an icy platinum with extra depth, making it ideal for women who’ve already made the commitment to the blonde lifestyle.

Because this technique is so specific, it’s important to see a colorist who’s been well trained in opal styles. Look at his or her Instagram page for similar styles before committing to a pricey appointment or source colorist recommendations from your close friends.

Tangerine Blowout

Hair colorists can be fickle, loving a shade one moment before tossing it aside in favor of another, newer alternative. Allow us to keep you one shade ahead of the curve with pastel tangerine hair—also called “blorange,” although we’re planning on using that portmanteau exactly never.

Instead of stopping traffic with neon hair, this soft pastel take on orange is extremely wearable (particularly in the summer months). We like it best as a bouncy, show stopping blowout.

Rose Gold Floral Updo

It seems to be a little-known fact, but you don’t actually have to be getting married to wear an updo. Weekend brunches, birthday parties, and vacations are prime opportunities to try something new with your hair. Case in point: the flower crown, a music festival trend that’s taken over the hair world.

If you’re going to commit to a romantic style, it only makes sense that you’d try a hair color that matches. Rose gold, a mix of blonde and pink, is bound to flatter whatever dress you decide to wear with your woodland goddess updo.

Peachy Space Buns

One of the best aspects of pastel hair is the way it can be combined with any cut for a customizable look. If you’re in the market for something that’s more club kid than sorority princess, upgrade your pastel pink to an orange-tinged peach shade.

Instead of tying your hair back in a braid or twist, chose a style that’s a little unexpected. We’re big fans of space buns, the punchy style you probably wore as a post-millennium middle schooler.

Geode Braids

For dark haired ladies, the idea of trying to go pastel is terrifying. Lose these gorgeous chocolate strands in favor of a brittle, damaged mane? No, thank you. Luckily, geode hair doesn’t require all the much in terms of lifting color. Your colorist will skillfully add jewel tones throughout your mid-lengths and ends.

When he or she is all done, finish up with twin pigtail braids to show off the shimmery new shade.

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