10 Lavender Hair Photos To Inspire Your Next Style
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Purple & Pastel: 10 Photos Of Lavender Hair We're Lusting Over

16 November 2017
pastel purple pixie

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

Something strange happens as the weather gets warmer and the days stretch longer. We start to feel an itch for the new and the unexpected in our lives. Shopping sprees, evenings out with friends you haven’t seen in a while—all that is a natural part of the summertime.

The other natural part? Trying a bold new hair look. This year, we recommend bringing lavender hair into your life. Other brilliant shades might clash with your tan or require endless maintenance, but this pastel purple hair color is remarkably easy to maintain. The more it fades, the better and more effortless it looks.

If you need a dose of inspiration before calling up your stylist, keep scrolling down. We’ve found the most fantastical, drool worthy colors on the Internet for your browsing pleasure. Go lavender, and never look back. You’ll thank us for steering you in the lavender direction.

rose gold hair

Rose Gold

Rose gold sneaks in just on the edge of the lavender spectrum. While many colorists choose to keep their rose gold shades very bright, pink, and blonde, that’s not the only version of this shade. If you’re working with a darker base, your colorist will incorporate notes of purple and dark gray into your ‘do.

Instead of a hair color out of a fairytale, you’ll be working with a moody, cool girl take on rose gold hair. With waves or extensions, the color is particularly striking.



There’s a certain type of woman who doesn’t believe in going halfway in any aspect of her life. She scoffs at pastels and mid-length haircuts, in particular. If that’s you, then violet is the hair color you need in your life. Instead of whimsy or fantasy, you’ll be the proud owner of a dramatic, sultry head of vibrant purple hair.

If you’re worried about the upkeep of the color, have your colorist apply the purple using a balayage technique. As the dyed strands grow out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how natural the purple continues to look.

smoky lavender

Smoky Lavender

When you’re thinking about pastel hair color, it’s important to consider that the base color is just as important as the result. Most pink, blue, and purple shades begin with a very bright blonde base. Ensuring that your color is at its most brilliant is the priority of your colorist.

Instead of going pure purple, smoky lavender hair is all about drama and mystery. This shade incorporates a little gray for a moodier, edgier shade that you don’t see quite as frequently.

metallic lavender

Metallic Lavender

We’re constantly in awe of the possibilities when it comes to modern hair color. Back in the day, just covering the grays was challenging. Now, we’re all about opalescent and metallic finishes. There’s plenty of room for every hair color dream you’ve ever had.

One of the colors currently ruling social media is metallic lavender, a shimmery shade that’s reflective and cool. Be warned, though: It takes a very specific formula and application to achieve the effects you see online. Make sure your colorist has plenty of experience with the shade before booking an appointment with him or her.

Lavender Balayage

Lavender Balayage

When in doubt, make it easy for yourself. It’s a mantra that’s served us well over the years, particularly in the realm of hair and beauty. If you’re in love with the idea of lavender hair but not so fond of repeat salon visits, choose a technique that will help your color look stylish weeks after your original appointment. Balayage, the hand-painted French highlighting technique, will ensure your lavender grows out in the most natural way possible.

light lavender

Light Lavender

If you’re a newbie in the world of hair color, it’s tempting to leap for the boldest version of every hair color. Fight that initial instinct, and start out with a watercolor finish. The washed-out, pale color will create a subtler effect and highlight your complexion instead of overpowering it.

As a bonus, you’ll spend less time worrying about protecting your hair color from fading and more time enjoying it. That’s what we like to call an excellent mane strategy.

dark lavender

Dark Lavender

On the other hand, sometimes you’re in the market for a dramatic change. Light shades aren’t for everyone. If that’s the case, we recommend dark lavender for your hair. The hue combines notes of dark gray with a mulberry-tinted purple that’s every bit as appropriate for the beach as it is for apple picking in the fall.

lavender undercut

Lavender Undercut

Edgy girls, we hear you. You’re not about to play around with unicorn-inspired shades and call it a day. Instead, you’d like a look that expresses your personality. Why not try a lavender undercut? The buzzed section at the base of your next is unexpected and exciting. You’ll wonder why you never took a chance on short hair before.

Lavender blonde

Lavender Blonde

Sometimes a subtle change can be more striking than any neon dye job. In this case, it’s a lavender tint that will refresh your hair for spring and summer. When paired with a silvery blonde, you’ll be surprised how much of a statement the shade can make. On blunt bobs, in particular, there’s no going wrong.

titanium lavender

Titanium Lavender

Moody ladies, you’re about to fall head over heels for titanium lavender. This steely, grayscale shade brings punk notes to a color that’s often very sweet. On dark complexions and long hair, we’re big fans of the way this shade looks. It’s flattering, subtle, and unexpected. If you’re on the hunt for a change of pace that’s as avant-garde as you are, look no further than titanium lavender.

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