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Pink Balayage: The Styling And Hair Care Guide

04 April 2018
photo of woman with pink balayage hair color and bob haircut
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor

In 2018, it’s safe to say that everyone knows what balayage hair looks like. Even if you’re not exactly sure what it is, you’ve seen the hair color technique on your favorite celebrities, friends, family, and even complete strangers walking down the street.

The balayage we’ve come to know and love is almost always a blend of blonde and brunette shades, but does the technique look as good on colorful hair? Yes!

Don’t believe us? Continue reading for everything you need to know about pink balayage. Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to make an appointment with your colorist by the time you’re done.

What is pink balayage?

Balayage is a technique in which a colorist creates subtle highlights and lowlights throughout your mane. Unlike traditional highlights where the hair is saturated with color and wrapped in foil, balayage requires the colorist to hand paint the hue onto your strands. Because this technique does not create any harsh lines, it allows for a more graceful grow out process.

Pink balayage is simply when a colorist uses said technique to paint your strands a pretty shade of bubblegum. Like most fantasy colors, pink typically looks best applied to blonde locks. If you’re a natural blonde, achieving flawless strawberry locks should take no longer than a few hours.

If you’re not a natural blonde, it may take a few sessions to lift the color from your hair safely. After carefully lightening your strands, your colorist will artfully balayage your hair with your favorite flamingo shade. Don’t be alarmed if it takes a few sessions to achieve your desired hue. You and your stylist will determine the perfect timeline for coloring your hair, and you’ll have the pink balayage of your dreams in what feels no time at all.

How do you care for pink balayage?

Similar to fantasy trends like pink lemonade and marshmallow hair, pink balayage is a high maintenance shade. Rosy shades fade fast, so we suggest cutting back on washing your hair. When it is time to clean your locks, you’ll need shampoo and conditioner that can clean your strands while protecting your color. We suggest giving Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner a try.

If your colorist had to lighten your hair before the pink balayage, chances are good they used bleach to do so. It’s important to note that bleach will always damage hair, but your colorist can help restore the look of beautiful strands. Combat signs of damage with a weekly deep conditioning treatment like Matrix Biolage ColorLast Mask.

Even though keeping your pink strands looking vibrant may feel like a full-time job, opting for balayage rather than allover color can save you time and money in the long run. The most significant advantage of the balayage technique is that there are almost no visible demarcation lines. Because balayage mimics naturally occurring highlights and lowlights, overgrown roots have an easier time blending in with the rest of your hair. The technique allows you to go several weeks—sometimes months—between touch-ups.

Convenience aside, there’s no getting around the fact that much of your hair will be pink and the hair growing out of your head won’t be. Lucky for you, shadow roots are all of the rage this year. You’ll look chic as ever while allowing your roots grow out much longer than you usually would. If overgrown roots aren’t your thing, plan to head back to the salon every six to eight weeks for a touch-up.

Now that you have the hair color of your dreams, you’re probably wondering about the best way to show it off. Fresh out of ideas? No worries. We’ve rounded up three of our favorite styles for ladies with pink balayage hair.

photo of halo braid hairstyle with pink balayage

Halo Braid

Begin by parting your hair on the deep right or left side of your head, near your ear. Once you’ve parted your hair, begin crafting a Dutch braid that wraps around the crown of your head.

Continue braiding all the way around your head until you return to the part. If your hair is long, continue braiding until you get to the ends of your strands. Wrap the remaining hair around the halo braid and secure any loose strands with a few bobby pins. For a finishing touch, pancake the braid for a voluminous look.

photo of celtic knot hairstyle with pink balayage

Half Up Celtic Knot

To begin, gather two 2-inch sections near your temples and bring the hair to meet at the back of the head. Create a loose loop with the left section of hair. Then, pull the right section of hair under the left section of hair. Pull the right section up and through the loop and thread it underneath the other side. Don’t worry if you don’t get the knot perfect on your first try, practice makes perfect.

photo of space buns hairstyle with pink balayage

Half Up Space Buns

Begin by parting your hair down the middle to the crown of your head. Working with one side at a time, apply a medium hold pomade to your edges and brush through. Then, gather your hair in the desired location of your bun and secure the pigtail with an elastic. Backcomb or fluff the pigtail before wrapping it into a bun shape and securing it with bobby pins. Repeat the same steps on opposite side.

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