8 Pink Ombre Hairstyles For Blondes And Brunettes
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8 Pink Ombre Hairstyles For Blondes And Brunettes

11 January 2018
pink to blonde ombre

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

photo of chocolate to mauve ombre hairstyle

Chocolate to Mauve

As pink-colored hair goes, this color combination is understated. Your hair stylist will begin with a base of chocolate brown, a rich hue that’s reflective and flattering on most skin tones. Mid-length, the color will morph into a dusty rose mauve shade.

With this hair look, you’ll be totally on-trend with the growing popularity of millennial pink. More importantly, you’ll be able to try pink without shocking your friends and family.

photo of ash brown to cool pink ombre hairstyle

Ash Brown to Cool Pink

Matte, ashy shades are all the rage in the hair world, and with good reason: They look effortless and cool. The more lived-in and luxurious the color, the more we want to try it out.

For the ultimate cool girl hair color, ask your stylist to create a medium ash brown that becomes icy pink at the tips. For this look, the ends are all you need to make a style statement.

photo of dirty blonde to lilac ombre hairstyle

Dirty Blonde to Lilac

Lilac is the perfect shade for ladies who’d like to try out a pastel accent color, but can’t quite bring themselves to commit to pink. It’s the same general aesthetic—all the brightness, but none of the bubblegum.

This hair color looks wonderful against dirty blonde, perhaps the most underappreciated shade in the blonde family. It’s muted and subtle, never flashy.

photo of pink gradient bob hairstyle

Pink Gradient Bob

We’re practically drooling over this hair look, which starts with dark raspberry roots that fade into blush before becoming a very bright pink-blonde shade. If you’re a pink fanatic, this ombre look is the cotton candy style you’ve always hoped to try.

A word of advice for the pink-curious: To attain the right degree of vividness, your stylist will need to lighten your hair. Be prepared for a little damage to occur, and make sure you’ve got a moisturizing routine ready.

photo of ash blonde to light pink ombre hairstyle

Ash Blonde to Light Pink

You already know we’re going to advocate any pink combination that involves an ashy base, but this ash blonde look is truly special. Instead of neon pink or anything particularly girly, your hair stylist will color your ends a muted, cool shade that’s more fashion week than it is middle school dance.

photo of chestnut to rose gold ombre hairstyle

Chestnut to Rose Gold

If you’re in the market for an ombre look that can warm up your features while still provide the adrenaline rush of a fresh new ‘do, look no further than a chestnut brown and rose gold combination. Pastel pink may have become popular years ago, but rose gold is a blonde-tinted take on the shade.

To get the most out of your ombre, try this color combination on a lob or shag. Ask your stylist to start the berry hue around your eye level.

photo of bright blonde to icy pink ombre hairstyle

Bright Blonde to Icy Pink

Alright, blondies, we’ve got a color combination for you. This watercolor wash is a dreamy summer look, one that takes the blonde you’ve worked so hard to maintain to the next level.

Here’s the best part of this ombre: Because you’re going for a washed-out look, maintenance is incredibly simple. The more pigment that washes out, the better your hair will look.

photo of pewter to pink ombre hairstyle

Pewter to Pink

If you’ve already committed to silver or gray, there’s plenty of reason for you to add pink to your strands. The icy notes in your hair look sweet and alluring next to the popsicle-light shade, adding a hint of whimsy to the fashion-forward ‘do. 

We recommend this color combination on bobs or pixie cuts. The shorter the hair, the punchier the color gradient.

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