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Red Hot Hair: 39 Shades Of Red Hair For Everyone's Inner Vixen

14 March 2019
two women with red hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

Blondes, brunettes, and everyone with hair that falls between the two: Something is missing in your life and you don’t even know it yet. There’s a whole other side to the hair world that you’ve never explored, and that makes us desperately sad. Red hair is the ultimate step for the mane adventurous.

There’s no time like the present to see the error of your ways, whether that’s through a deep burgundy mane or something more lighthearted, like golden red hair. Berry hues aside, we love red hair dye because it’s so adaptable to every skin tone and color.

Perhaps you have naturally dark brown hair and haven’t had the guts to go blonde yet? Try a shade like orange red, which incorporates notes of both colors into a brown base. Blondes looking to add a little spice to their lives can try out blood orange or pink-red hair, choosing shades that already build off a blonde base. In general, the best skin tone for red hair color is very pale or very dark.

Life is better through rose-colored glasses, and the same goes for rose red-colored hair. Keep reading to find your ideal shade.

light red hair

Light Red

If honey blonde is the shade every woman tries to go in time for summer, light red is the same Holy Grail shade for redheads. Like copper, light red falls on the very warm side of the color family. However, this color is far more blonde-influenced than copper, edging very close to strawberry blonde.

copper red hair


If your complexion leans toward the warm side, choose a shade of red hair specifically formulated to make you look like a bronzed goddess. That perfect color is undoubtedly copper, a fiery mix of orange and blonde notes with an undertone of orangey red.

strawberry red hair


Red hair—particularly the shades that incorporate blonde—is an incredibly summery look. Strawberry is certainly one of those beach-ready shades. The brighter, blonder version of copper looks lovely alongside a light tan.

dark red hair

Dark Red

Dark red hair is an intense, glowing shade that’s perfect for dyed-in-the-wool redheads or brunettes making the transition to the ginger side of things. Depending on your tastes and your stylist, the shade can include notes or orange, chocolate, and purple.

cherry red hair


Picture dark red hair that’s accidentally had grape jam spilled all over it, leaving behind a pure purple coat of color—that’s cherry red hair. The shade is vibrant and juicy, surprisingly just as good a fit for spring as it is for winter.

burgundy red hair


Like a full-bodied red wine for which it’s named, burgundy hair is all about making a loud statement. The brown-purple shade barely qualifies as a red, relying on subtle hints of the color to add depth to the otherwise chocolate-hued hair color.

purple red hair

Purple Red

Is cherry still not enough vampy purple to make you satisfied? If so, ask your hair professional to give you a grape-inspired ‘do, trying out the shade purple red. Much like a similarly named crayon you might recall from childhood, this hair color is eggplant-inspired goodness.

auburn red hair


While dark red falls on the purple side of the hair spectrum, auburn is undoubtedly a true red shade. The gorgeous color is a more intense version of chestnut hair, mixing medium and dark brown with red for a glossy shade that works on almost every complexion.

cherry cola red hair

Cherry Cola

Like the syrupy center of your favorite beverage, this soda-inspired color brings a hint of red to an otherwise chocolate brown mane. This shade is an exceptionally low-maintenance take on red, perfect for the brunette who wishes she could mix things up.

ruby red hair


Unlike copper and strawberry, ruby is a cool red shade that calls to mind pomegranates rather than cherries. The blue-red color looks phenomenal on very pale and very dark skin tones, highlighting the undertones of the skin. If you’re looking for a red to last you through the long, dull months of winter, ruby is your new hero color.

orange red hair


Warm orangey red is having a real moment. By now, you’ve probably seen the shade in dozens of matte lipstick tubes, blush palettes, and the like. Instead of applying the color to our lips, we’d rather wear it in a way that’s semi-permanent

brown red hair


If you’re looking to join the red hair club in the least obvious way possible, brown red is the shade for you. Combining warm chocolate base notes with peppery orange and blonde, your stylist will mix a color that just barely edges into red hair territory.

pink red hair


We haven’t met a single social media trend we don’t love, and pinkish red hair is no exception. The shade incorporates both ruby and pale pink, creating a very cool tone that lies between pastel and fuchsia. 

blood orange red hair

Blood Orange

Unlike pink-infused hair, blood orange is all about the juicy notes. There’s barely a hint of red here. Instead, the shade is primarily an orangey blonde that looks a little space-age chic.

raspberry red hair


Think of raspberry red hair as a rich take on fuchsia, one that draws from a rich, red base. This color is youthful and luminous, making it the perfect decision during a quarter-life crisis or even post-breakup. 

golden red hair


If caramel, honey, and strawberry blonde were mixed by the greatest colorist in the world, the result would be golden red. This shade is a stunning mix of warm, buttery hues ideal for ladies with light and medium skin tones.

caramel red hair

Caramel Red

Here’s another infinitely wearable shade of red. This caramel-influenced color suits women of all skin tones, combining ashy notes with warm red and brown. Instead of spending another year on the same old caramel hair, add a surprising flash of red to the mix.

sunset red hair


If you’re itching for a change, don’t be afraid to try a whimsical hair look that involves several other colors in harmony with red. Case in point: sunset hair, a rainbow of orange, purple, and red that overtook social media briefly last year.

crimson red hair


If you were a club kid or have any interest in over-the-top beauty, chances are good you’ve thought about trying out crimson hair. The vibrant shade is true, neon red, the kind no one will miss from across the room.

photo of burnt orange red hair color

Burnt Orange

It isn’t often we associate the word “burnt” with anything positive, but this splashy red is an exception to the rule. It’s bright and coppery, flattering a wide range of skin colors.

photo of maroon red hair color


Most of us remember maroon as one color on our school’s crest. Liberated from the dullness of athletic uniforms, you’ll be surprised how sophisticated this shade can look.

photo of brownish red hair color

Brownish Red

If you’re a natural brunette who’s been itching to uncover her redhead alter ego, diving right into neon red can feel like too much. Instead, try an understated brownish red color to transition between the two color families.

photo of green and red hair color

Green And Red

Got Christmas on your mind? Green and red together don’t just signify the beloved holiday anymore. When updated to a mint and magenta duo, you’ll be surprised at how gorgeous (and distinctly not seasonal) the color pairing is.

photo of rose gold red hair color

Rose Gold

Pastel pink’s beloved younger sister is rose gold, the social media-friendly shade every influencer tried this past year. If you’ve been wearing blonde for awhile and are looking for an easy update, rose gold is calling your name.

photo of magenta red hair color


Everyone should spring for an over-the-top hair color at least once. Like a fashion accessory or a dramatic pair of heels, it’s an interesting experiment in styling yourself and looking a little different than you’re used to.

photo of blue and red hair color

Blue And Red

Blue and red may immediately scream “American flag,” but that’s not the only way to wear the color pairing. Over a dark base, your stylist can blend the dramatic tones into each other for a statement-making finish.

photo of bright red hair color

Bright Red

When you go red, there’s always the option to really go red. This neon shade is straight out of a comic strip or spy novel. Be warned that bright shades tend to fade quickly, so you’ll need to discuss a custom care routine with your stylist.

photo of mahogany red hair color


Mahogany isn’t just for your TV stand anymore. This cherry-inspired shade combines the best of dark brown and red into one single shade that’s appropriate for any age.

photo of aubergine red hair color


Aubergine (otherwise known as eggplant) isn’t just a vegetable. This rich shade has been making waves online for its wearability.

photo of sangria red hair color


Put down your cocktail and use it as inspiration for your next salon appointment. This juicy, fruity shade is a sophisticated, modern take on red hair color.

red hair ombre woman


When in doubt, just go ombre. This stunning blend of orange and red will add dimension to your hair and keep you perfectly on-trend.

picture of red hair balayage


If you're not interested in the idea of constantly returning to the salon, embrace a technique that's all about the growing out process. Balayage is a smart choice!

woman with ginger red hair


Like the spicy root, ginger hair color is an unforgettable and unique item. The rich orange notes will brighten up your face, making the perfect transitional shade for summer or spring.

woman with black red hair

Black Red

Bring a little va-va-voom to the scene with black red hair. This striking, plummy shade is all about the drama.

woman with red velvet red hair

Red Velvet 

Anyone up for dessert? Red velvet hair color is more than just a trend—it's a lifestyle.

woman with copper fire red hair

Copper Fire

Baby, you're on fire! This shocking shade seems straight from the pages of a comic book. If you're hoping to make a statement, copper fire is the best place to start.

woman with copper penny red hair

Copper Penny

Like a freshly minted penny, this brown-accented shade gleams in the sun. Why not give it a try?

woman with merlot red hair


Channel the vibes of your favorite red wine without taking a single sip thanks to this moody red shade.

woman with apricot blonde red hair

Apricot Blonde

What rose gold has done for pink hair color, apricot blonde may well do for red. Try this subtly orange shade for an exciting change of pace.

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