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Put Red On Your Radar: 15 Shades Of Red Hair That Are Hot Right Now

25 January 2018
woman with wavy auburn hair

Emily Arata

Senior Editor, Hair.com

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

Hair colors are a lot like horoscopes. Although we all roll our eyes at the idea that either one might define us, there’s no shaking the truth that these imaginary categories exist to assign a certain set of personality traits to each one of us.

And, just as we do with zodiac forecasts, we pretend not to care. In reality, though, it’s fun to be part of a group. In particular, we’re talking about redheads. Red hair color surely doesn’t have any effect on your day-to-day life, but you’d be lying if you didn’t admit to a desire for more fire, spice, or passion. Everyone wants to be a little bit spicier.

In any case, it takes a certain someone to dye her hair red. That’s all we’re saying. If you’re thinking about joining the vampy, sexy gang, we’re all for it. Take a look through our favorite shades of red on the hair color market right now.

photo of long hair with bright red hair color

Bright Red

For some ladies, natural-looking hair color is as far from what the end goal as possible. Bright red hair—we’d even call it comic book red, in honor of the characters and fans who wear it—is the domain of the bold and adventurous. We love it on long, wavy strands or a blunt bob. You’ll stand out in a crowd in this dynamic hue.

photo of dark red hair color

Dark Red

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s dark red. This shade is just as dramatic as its bright equivalent, but includes moody notes of purple. If you’re in the mood to feel like a movie villain or just itching for a dose of drama, give this opulent hue a try. Dark red hair is the perfect dramatic shade.

photo of short curly hair with burgundy hair color


Ladies with dark-toned complexions, burgundy is about to be your go-to hair color. This complex shade blends violet and red to perfection. On pixie cuts and long hair, it makes a statement. Just be sure to keep your fresh color bright with regular touch-ups. Finding a colorist you trust will make all the difference.

photo of long hair with brown red hair color

Brown Red

If you can’t decide between burgundy hair or dark red, brown red is a beautiful compromise. This shade is warm and chocolatey, combining the best aspects of both shades for a tone that’s perfect in fall or winter.

photo of long hair with cherry red hair color


Cherry red hair is not as frequently seen as other shades of the color, and with good reason. A color this rich takes regular touch ups and maintenance, not to mention a dedicated hair towel and pillowcase (something you’re okay staining). If you’re ready to go big, go cherry.

photo of red hair with blonde highlights

Red with Blonde Highlights

Red and blonde are one of the great love stories in the world of hair color. The two colors blend beautifully, resulting in a swirling, rich mane that feels three-dimensional. To make sure you’re getting the best color possible, ask your colorist for very fine, evenly distributed highlights. Avoid chunky stripes at all costs.

photo of red ombre hair color

Ombre Red

Dark-haired girls, this shade’s for you. If you’re looking for an ombre color that doesn’t take you too far away from the realm of chocolate and espresso shades, then ask your colorist for a deep red on your mid-lengths and ends. Who can resist that touch of cherry?

photo of copper red hair color


Copper is a sunny, bright red shade that looks best on ladies with fair and medium skin. Because the hue borders on blonde, it’s excellent for brightening complexions and refreshing manes that have fallen flat. For extra sparkle, ask your stylist for warm blonde babylights around your face.

photo of cinnamon red hair color


There’s a good chance that you’ve mistaken cinnamon red hair for copper at some point in your life, and that’s an understandable mix up. The twin shades are very similar, with cinnamon bringing just a touch lighter brown to the table than copper can. Whereas copper is generally more flattering on pale skin tones, cinnamon is an excellent choice for medium and dark-skinned ladies with redheaded ambitions.

photo of long hair with auburn hair color


Auburn hair is the perfect middle ground between brown and red hair, all glowing coppery highlights and deep chocolate base. If you’re working with very pale skin and have been struggling to find a red that doesn’t wash you out, this chestnut upgrade is the right way to go.

photo of red gold hair color

Red Gold

Are you aiming to become a redhead in the biggest, brightest sense of the word? Try red gold, a hair color that mixes coppery true red with honey and caramel. The result is an unstoppably elegant shade that’s so brilliant your friends will probably be able to pick you out across the room with ease. If you’re a fair skinned lady, red gold will look beautiful on you.

photo of caramel red hair color

Caramel Red

For those who like the look of red gold but want a mane color that’s a bit more toned down, caramel red is an excellent option. This shade incorporates warm brown notes into the color, making a shade that’s wonderful on women with medium skin. It’s just a tad lighter than cinnamon hair, which we’ll cover later.

photo of strawberry red hair color


Strawberry hair is having a real moment. Pink strands might have been a must have color in 2016, but pinky orange shades are all the rage now. If you’re interested in a warm blend of gold and raspberry, this hue is the right choice for you.

photo of rose gold hair color

Rose Gold

While we’re talking trends, no conversation can possibly be complete without the mention of rose gold strands. This shade blends honey-like blonde with pastel pink, creating a warm shade that calls to mind berry sorbet. It’s the perfect color for long weekends and vacations—just don’t forget to touch it up regularly.

photo of magenta hair color


While we’re walking the line between red and pink, we’ll use this opportunity to discuss one of our all-time favorite dramatic hair colors. Enter magenta, a shade we associate with club kids and space princesses. It’s not your everyday neon hue, incorporating notes of purple and cherry. If you’re looking for a mane change that makes a statement, magenta has your back.

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