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Red Wine Hair Is The Next Best Thing To An Actual Glass Of Merlot

30 August 2018
photo of woman with red wine hair color

Emily Arata

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As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

Is there any better feeling in this world than trading in your summer wardrobe for cozy sweaters as the fall gets into gear? You might pour yourself a glass of dark red wine, pull on fuzzy socks, and luxuriate in the feeling of wellbeing those crisp nights can create.

One thing that’s even better than that beloved fall transition is channeling it into your beauty routine. Don’t just leave that gorgeous cabernet shade at the wine store—make it your hair color! You may laugh, but red wine hair color is trending for a reason. This vampy shade works beautifully for medium and deep skin tones, acting as a flattering complement to lighter highlights and ombre.

Ready to try red wine hair for yourself? After reading this, you will be.

What’s the big deal about red wine hair?

There are two kinds of red hair in this world: the one-dimensional and the intense, beautiful, believable red hair that comes from a customized salon color service. If tailored to your skin tone, dark red hair can bring out your vampy side without seeming too dark or heavy for your complexion.

Red wine hair is a trend because it combines jewel-toned highlights with deep brown or red base tones. The result is stunning— undoubtedly attractive enough to drum up viral attention on Instagram—and flattering. The buzzy name doesn’t hurt, either.

How do you care for red wine hair?

The savvy color lover always knows there’s a catch when it comes to trendy colors. Red, in particular, has a reputation for fading quickly. To stave off premature fading, we recommend making smart decisions when it comes to time spent in the sun, pool, and ocean—all three of which can wreak havoc on your ‘do.

Support your new red wine hair color with products specifically designed to keep color-treated hair shining bright and looking beautiful. From the L’Oréal portfolio of products, we love Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

You’ll also need to establish a regular touch-up schedule with your stylist to hide any visible roots and refresh your red. Every few weeks is optimal but talk to your pro for a personalized recommendation that’s suited to your color and lifestyle.

Still need hair color inspiration? Some of our favorite red wine colors are below.

Red Wine Ombre

Instead of going for maximum visual impact, this shade introduces hints of magenta into the look. If you like a dose of playful alongside your vamp, an ombre is an excellent choice.

Red Wine With Bangs

Red hair paired with fringe immediately takes us to victory rolls and mid-century glam. If that’s not the vibe you’re hoping for, talk to your stylist about achieving a ‘70s-inspired shag look with longer bangs.

Red Wine Gradient

It’s safe to say we have a serious crush on this juicy, orange-tinged gradient. It’s the ideal way to wear red hair without taking it too seriously.

Red Wine Stain

One way to handle fading red hair is to embrace it wholeheartedly. Like a splash of red wine down the front of a white shirt, this hair color is a watercolor wash of red instead of a fully opaque one.

Red Wine Curls

Red wine hair color and curls are the perfect couple, creating a romantic vibe that’ll make you feel a lot like a romance novel heroine.

Coppery Red Wine

Introduce a few edgy hints of copper with this blend of red and orange over a dark base. The resulting shade will remind you of autumn leaves—soft and seasonal.

Red Wine Waves

If there’s ever been a showstopper of a hair color, it’s this one. The dreamy set waves and gently fading color are pretty perfect for a transition to fall.

Interested in trying red wine hair color for yourself? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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