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The AirTouch Technique: Balayage That's Basically Magic For Your Hair Color

15 March 2019
two women with airtouch technique balayage

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

If you love hair, chances are solid you’re pretty much addicted to time-lapse videos on Instagram. Whether you’re watching a pro cut away damage in fast motion or a dark brown hair transformation to platinum blonde, there’s something mesmerizing about watching beauty work get done.

Last week, a viral video of a stylist seeming to blow hair color off a client’s head captured our attention. Like the diligent beauty sleuths we are, we went on a hunt to see if the color technique was even real. Good news: It is, and it’s called AirTouch.

Keep reading to learn what the AirTouch technique is and how to ask for this beautifully subtle balayage on your own hair, courtesy of AirTouch expert and Instagram guru Danilo Bozic.

woman with airtouch technique balayage

What is the AirTouch technique?

Balayage addicts, listen up. For years, stylists have painstakingly applied strokes of color by hand to create the perfect nuanced colors for their clients. With the AirTouch technique, there’s no time-consuming backcombing involved. Instead of relying on the comb, Bozic’s secret weapon is a hair dryer.

“The AirTouch original technique is based on fine, thin sections and instead of weaving and teasing, we’re using cool air from a blow dryer to separate natural shorter pieces—baby hair—from long sections,” he explains. “We then bleach or color longer strands of hair and isolate them in foils.”

While the Bozic credits the original technique to stylist Vladimir Sarbashev, he’s been thrilled to see the technique spreading. You can thank the internet for that—it’s even what caught Bozic’s attention.

“I was trying to crack the code by watching YouTube videos and asking Russian stylists questions but that can be challenging when you don’t speak the language,” he says. “The moment I saw that hashtag on Instagram I knew I had to learn it.”

man holding hair of woman with airtouch technique balayage

Why try the AirTouch technique?

In the past decade, balayage has taken its place as one of the ruling color techniques because of its natural look and effortless grow-out. If Bozic has his way, you’ll be begging for the AirTouch technique instead within the next year—or better yet, your stylist will be suggesting it to you.

“I prefer AirTouch over balayage not only because of its seamless blend but also because it’s much more enjoyable experience for my guests—remember, no teasing or pulling the hair—and because retouch has never been easier,” he explains. “All one has to do is use the same placement, push those shorter hairs, and lighten the new growth!”

Think of your hair color like a journey: It isn’t just that initial color service that’s important, but the way you maintain or slowly change color over time. A stylist would always rather get you in-and-out for timely touch-ups than make you wait all day—and that’s not taking into account the toll rough backcombing can have on fragile lightened strands.

man styling woman with airtouch technique balayage

Who should try the AirTouch technique?

It isn’t just anyone who’s a candidate for AirTouch—for now, that is. Bozic recommends it for ladies with fine and medium hair, but notes that the technique is ever-expanding.

If all goes well, you’ll be left with soft, dimensional color that looks even more seamless than tradition balayage. Combine that hair with a selfie light for pure Instagram magic. No wonder the technique has been going viral!

Interested in trying the AirTouch technique for yourself? Use our salon locator to book a consultation with a stylist near you.

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