18 Ideas For Peekaboo Highlights To Bring To The Salon

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18 Photos Of Peekaboo Highlights To Bring To The Salon

27 October 2017
picture of three different women with peekaboo highlights

Emily Arata

Senior Editor

The best things in life are the ones that bring you joy. Whether that’s a great meal with friends or a day trip to a beach you’ve never seen before, taking the time to add a little spark back into your life has far-reaching consequences.

That philosophy doesn’t only apply to travel and food—it’s basically made to be your beauty mantra. In clothing, makeup, and hair, invest in little changes that make you smile every time you see them. That’s where peekaboo highlights—a trend involving color that just barely peeks out from your base shade—come in.

Why get peekaboo highlights?

Ombre, balayage, and dip dye have all been done. Plain pastel hair is so yesteryear. We’ve been hunting for a trend that makes us feel inspired, and peekaboo highlights are it. Who doesn’t want a pop of pink or blue hiding somewhere within their mane?

It’s a little moment of surprising happiness, like finding five dollars in your pocket or remembering that you packed a cookie with your lunch. Particularly when it comes to beauty, the little things make all the difference.

auburn peekaboo highlights


For a spicy take on chocolate brown or espresso manes, ask your colorist for auburn peekaboo highlights. The orangey red color is also an excellent choice if you’re someone who likes to match your shade to the season.

burgundy peekaboo highlights


While we’re on the subject of moody reds, have you considered burgundy? Like the berry lipsticks and blushes that continually sell out, the plum-like shade adds a touch of drama to your ‘do. For fall or winter, the shade is a strong peekaboo pick.

copper peekaboo highlights


Copper is one of those unicorn hair colors that looks trendy in any situation (and in any decade). To add vitality to your mane, try this bright red shade on chocolate or auburn locks. The peekaboo placement will ensure you’re always surprised at how beautiful those golden red highlights can be.

orange peekaboo highlights


Recovering scene kids of the ‘00s, this shade is for you. Orange peekaboo highlights in blonde hair had their peak popularity just after the millennium, but the shade has gotten a much-needed refresher since then. Ask your colorist for “blorange,” a shade that walks the line between tangerine and honey blonde.

caramel peekaboo highlights


We always find ourselves gushing over caramel hair, but it really is the most universally flattering shade. Caramel peekaboos are beloved by celebrities for the way they bring warmth to the complexion and dimension to dark hair.

golden peekaboo highlights


Like caramel, golden hair just makes everyone look a little bit better—sort of like they just got off the plane from a weeklong tropical vacation. On medium and dark skin tones, it’s a true stunner. Don’t be afraid to keep adding gold highlights if you’re liking the way they look around your face.

rose gold peekaboo highlights

Rose Gold

The rose gold hair trend might pique your interest, but that doesn’t always mean it’s worthwhile to dye your whole head. Instead of letting the pinky blonde shade rule your mane, create peekaboo highlights that just hint at the shade. It’ll be an accent color instead of the main event.

violet peekaboo highlights


Although violet is an extra vivid shade, it’s surprisingly subtle against black strands. It adds a flash of light to the base color, not unlike the way white blonde brightens up a honey shade. Against dark skin tones, violet is always a good idea.

lavender peekaboo highlights


For a sweeter, softer take on purple peekaboo highlights, give lavender a try. Hidden under ashy blonde or silver, the shade will create the illusion of thicker hair while simultaneously adding edge to your mane look. Be sure to let your colorist know you’d like these highlights as blended out as possible.

mermaid peekaboo highlights


The classic mermaid hair look might lean toward blue and green, but we’re partial to the use of violet and teal as peekaboo highlights on very dark hair. If you’re working with pale or medium skin, this color combo is an instant win.

cotton candy peekaboo highlights

Cotton Candy

Less isn’t always more, particularly when it comes to hair color. For a peekaboo look that’s whimsical and vibrant, cotton candy highlights are your move. Combining strokes of pastel pinks, blues, and lilacs, your colorist will create a fantasy-colored mane that hides just below your top layer of hair.

peacock peekaboo highlights


Peacock hair is the exact opposite of cotton candy, focusing in on bright cobalt and plum instead of fluffy, pastel shades. Consider it the go-to rainbow peekaboo of brunettes everywhere, who can enjoy a range of colors without turning their whole head of hair into dry, damaged straw.

turquoise peekaboo highlights


The hair community will probably never get over the serious crush it has on the color turquoise. The vibrant, not-quite aqua shade is so fantastical it can’t possibly go out of style. (That’s the unforeseen advantage of riding below the radar.)

teal peekaboo highlights


Teal is and undoubtedly ‘90s shade that has made its return alongside trends like chokers and denim miniskirts. This green-blue shade hints at the teenage you who loved emo rock concerts and couldn’t wait to buy clip-in extensions. Why not bring her back?

light blue peekaboo highlights

Light Blue

Like rose gold, light blue is an appealing shade that’s heavily featured on social media. It’s only natural to hesitate before staining your hard-earned blonde, so give the shade a trial run before committing with peekaboo highlights. Ask your colorist for the most washed out, pastel version of the shade. It’ll blend into your blonde, creating a statement gradient that’s gorgeous.

hot pink peekaboo highlights

Hot Pink

Hot pink has largely disappeared from the hair color community, replaced by faded watermelon shades. Still, we advocate the shade as an excellent choice for dark blonde or light brown hair colors. When placed at the base of the neck, it’s a real stunner.

silver redken


If you enjoy looking a little witchy, then skip the muted pastels in favor of silver peekaboo highlights. Against black hair, the shade is a little goth (in the best way). For optimal results, your colorist should aim for a matte, ashy color that’s more modern than its extra shiny alternative.

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