Teasylights: Everything You Need To Know About The New Highlighting Technique
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Teasylights: The New Highlighting Trick For Soft, Natural Color

26 February 2019
photo of women with teasylights in hair
genesis rivas

Genesis Rivas

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It’s time to stop what you’re doing because there is a new hair color technique in town and it’s totally changing the game. The hair industry’s most recent creation is a color application technique called teasylights and it works for a range of shades from dark brown hair to ash blonde.

We’re first ones to admit that when it comes to salon hair color, the terminology can get a little tricky. Balayage vs. highlights vs. ombre—what’s the difference? It can be difficult to decipher which techniques do what and which ones will look the best on you.

Luckily, we’re one step ahead of the game. We got in touch with Ryan Pearl, Redken brand ambassador and celeb stylist, who gave us the ultimate lowdown on this up-and-coming trend. If you’re curious about this new technique and want to change up your look, this is everything you need to know about teasylights.

photo of woman with teasylights in hair

What are teasylights?

Teasylights are a hair coloring technique in which a colorist teases your hair before applying color. Working in small sections and backcombing the mane allows for a more diffused and seamless application, kicking any harsh lines to the curb.

Wondering how to get teasylights on your own mane? Pearl recommendeds asking your colorist for a foilyage technique to get a more precise color.

When teasing the hair, it gives an automatic softer blend when you highlight...By putting [the hair] in a foil, it allows the hair to reach a lighter and brighter state.

When it comes to teasylights, it’s all about the teasing and placement of the color. When done correctly, these soft highlights look like a brightened, enhanced version of your natural hue.

photo of woman with teasylights in hair

Who should try teasylights?

Similar to traditional highlights, teasylights will look beautiful on anyone and everyone. This technique is customizable for any hair texture, type, or color. Whether you’re a blonde looking to go to the dark side or a brunette who wants to test the “blondes have more fun” theory, this technique makes anything possible. The only extenuating factor is how bright you want to go!

photo of woman with teasylights in hair

How do you maintain teasylights?

When new hair trends, colors, or techniques hit our radar, the looks are always breathtaking. That being said, keeping up with the color maintenance can sometimes leaves us completely winded. The best part about caring for teasylights is that there are no surprises—the grow-out process is pretty similar to that of highlights or balayage.

If you’ve opted for one of those techniques before, you won’t need to make any major changes to your hair care routine. If your new hue leans lighter than your natural hair color, it’s important to maintain the color with a shampoo formulated for color-treated hair. We recommend the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo for its sulfate-free formula that helps to seal in color while strengthening your color-treated strands.

Teasylights have your interest piqued? Give your stylist a call. The journey to gorgeous, natural-looking color starts with a single step.

Image by @cristenkelso

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