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Hair Gloss: 3 Ways To Try It

18 January 2019
ways to try hair gloss
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Jessie Amato

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There are so many in-salon treatments and services at your disposal, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. If there’s one salon service you need to know about, however, it’s hair gloss. Whether you’ve never colored your dark brown hair before or you’re a seasoned salon blonde, a hair gloss might be just the thing you need to take your mane to the next level.

We tapped Ryan Pearl, Redken artist and master colorist, to find out what a hair gloss is, who the service is right for, and three different ways you can try one for yourself.

What is a hair gloss?

Before we delve into what a hair gloss can do for your strands, you should know exactly what it is.

“A gloss is a demi-permanent color that adds tone and shine to the hair,” Pearl explains. “It also has conditioning properties that will leave your hair feeling in a much softer and more manageable state.”

Since gloss is demi-permanent color and the effects fade over a few weeks, they’re also ideal for anyone who wants to change their hair color slightly without the long-term commitment.

Who is a hair gloss right for?

Wondering if a hair gloss is right for you? Pearl is clear about one thing: Just about anyone can benefit from a hair gloss.

“A gloss is good for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you have color-treated hair or not. It will brighten your color and add shine and softness to any hair type or hair color...Just make sure you talk to your colorist about what formula would suit you best.” Pearl explains.

If you’re still not convinced, we’re breaking down three different ways to try a hair gloss, whether you’re looking to enhance your color or add shine.


To give your strands maximum shine.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having shiny, polished hair that looks like you just stepped off of a magazine cover, why not try a clear gloss? A clear gloss helps seal the hair cuticle to create a reflective surface, leaving your strands with a glossy, luminous appearance that can last for weeks.


To tone your salon color.

Whether you opt for a balayage, platinum blonde, or all-over red, there’s no better feeling than leaving the salon immediately after a color service. Fast forward a few weeks, however, and your once vibrant and toned mane may look a bit brassy and dull. This is where gloss comes in.

“Glosses have pigment in them that can richen your existing hair color. It can also be used to cancel out any unwanted tones,” Pearl explains. “As a gloss only deposits, it has no lifting capabilities.”

In short: A gloss won’t permanently change or lighten your hue in any way, but simply act as a temporary refresher for your current color. Blondes and redheads can benefit from the anti-brass effect while brunettes can temporarily tweak their current color to play around with a darker hue.


To blend your color.

If you’re looking to conceal your greys, quickly touch up your roots, or cover up any uneven salon color, ask your colorist for a tinted gloss. Pearl explains it as a top coat for the hair that helps blend your mane from roots to ends.

“A gloss adds tone without lifting natural color...the color washes out over time which leaves a very natural and seamless fade,” Pearl says.

No matter which hair gloss effect you’re after, Pearl loves the Redken Shades EQ line, the gentle equalizing conditioning color features wheat amino acids for healthy shine and incredible coloring.

Now that you’re equipped with all there is to know about hair gloss, you’re on your way to achieving shinier, softer strands!

For more expert hair tips, use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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