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Now Is The Time To Finally Try The Gray Hair Color Trend

30 January 2018
photo of stylish woman with gray hair color
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Gray hair is a trend that is really thriving. Silvery gray hair is no easy feat when it comes to the coloring process, so here’s why you should seek help from colorist experts. According to Grace Dalgeish, award-winning British colorist and brand ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel, striking gray hair is the right move.

In the past, older women felt pressured to hide their signs of age with constant touch-ups and recoloring in the name of fashion. As of lately, major influencers have changed the hair game by documenting their beauty journeys back to natural silver.

Thanks to the unofficial ‘silver fox’ hair color movement, older women are now fully embracing their naturally graying hair, and this cultural shift have many realizing that silver hair actually comes with serious style!

“I have many clients embracing their natural 'sparkles,’” Dalgeish adds.

photo of woman with wavy dark gray hair

A younger generation, energized by the overwhelming positive response to older influencers’ makeovers, has taken this movement and transformed it into a trend. Dalgeish has seen a sweeping wave of “younger clients inspired by the social media transformations” rushing to the salon. Whether you're going for a full head of gray hair or interested in blending gray hair with highlights and lowlights, there's an option to suit everyone.

“The request for gray hair is in high demand,” Dalgeish says. “People are looking for that 'next step' to be individual making a dramatic statement.”

However, Dalgeish stresses that silver hair is one color trend that’s best left to the professionals. The intensive bleaching required for gray hair is a sensitive process that your colorist will have already mastered.

“Gray is definitely one of the trickiest colors to achieve— there's no lie about that. Depending on the client’s hair type it can be quite the journey. But, for those willing to commit, this color trend can be so much fun,” the master colorist adds.

photo of woman with straight grey hair

Caring for your silver hair color requires dedication. Make sure to keep your calendar open for those frequent visits to the salon!

“This color trend is not going anywhere any time soon so mentally prepare yourself for the maintenance that comes with it!” Dalgeish advises. “You're looking at refreshing your gray tones every two to three weeks.”

It’s not just color you’ll need to think about, either. Daily maintenance is just as important. Luckily, a few salon-grade products can help with that. For Dalgeish, “shine, shine, shine” is what will make your gray hair color look truly radiant.

“It’s all about the polish for me,” she explains. “I think it's vital that we make the finish just as important as the color, showing that these beautiful transformations done professionally can still leave your hair just as luscious as when you walked in.”

Feel more at ease with your colorist’s help when going for on-trend gray hair color!

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