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Marshmallow Hair: Meet Your Newest Winter Hair Obsession

14 February 2018
photo of woman with short light blonde hair
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

Associate Editor, Hair.com

As an employee of L'Oréal, Jelani brings her knowledge and passion for hair care to Hair.com. Before joining the Hair.com team, she spent time at Celebuzz, Seventeen, and Cosmo for Latinas.

If you are in the habit of believing groundhogs, winter is here to stay—for another six weeks, at least. Instead of allowing yourself to fall into a winter funk, let the icy weather inspire your latest hair color obsession: marshmallow hair.

Marshmallow hair has taken over social media, allowing anyone who takes the plunge to live out their ultimate ice princess fantasies. If you’re looking for an on-trend hair color that’s bound to turn heads, this white blonde may be the perfect shade for you.

photo of woman with short white blonde hair

What is marshmallow hair?

Marshmallow hair is exactly what it sounds like: hair so soft and white it resembles your favorite hot chocolate topping. To achieve this sweet hue, your stylist will bleach your hair to remove any trace of color. The resulting look is a platinum blonde that is so light and icy it appears white. It’s important to note that bleach will always damage hair, but a salon professional can help you nourish those fragile strands.

Your stylist’s main objective is to achieve the color of your dreams while ensuring your hair looks and feels as healthy as possible. For that reason, it typically takes several sessions to safely color your hair white (especially if you’re naturally brunette).

Don’t be alarmed if you leave the salon after your first appointment without the marshmallow locks you’ve been coveting. You and your stylist will determine the perfect timeline for coloring your hair, and you’ll have marshmallow hair color in no time.

photo of long white blonde hair

What kind of maintenance does marshmallow hair require?

If you’d like your marshmallow locks to remain flawless for the foreseeable future, you’ll need to stock your bathroom with the proper products and get comfortable at your salon because you’ll be back often. If marshmallow is nowhere near your natural hair color, you’ll notice how quickly your roots begin to show. Plan to head back to the salon every four to six weeks to get your roots touched up and keep your marshmallow locks looking in tiptop shape.

Maintaining your dessert inspired color at home is much simpler. First, swap out your regular shampoo for a shampoo specially formulated to prevent brassiness in blondes. For the best results, follow it up with a conditioner from the same system. We recommend Pureology’s Perfect for Platinum shampoo and conditioner.

There is no way around the effects of bleach, but there is a way to minimize them. We suggesting trying to incorporate a deep conditioning treatment into your hair care routine once a week. Kérastase’s Reflection Masque Chromatique is a great option.

photo of woman with white blonde pixie haircut

What’s the best way to wear marshmallow hair?

Marshmallow hair will look beautiful however you choose to style it, but we think it looks best when your hair is cut into a long lob. Stylists often warn their clients that bleaching their hair may irreversibly damage their ends, requiring a major trim. Don’t think of it as losing length. Instead, look at it as the perfect opportunity to slay two trends at once. A long lob is flattering on every face shape and has the added benefit of being a fairly low maintenance cut. You’re bound to appreciate given your high maintenance color.

Whatever you decide, we want to see your sweet color. Use the hashtag #hairdotcom to tag us in your posts.

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