Why You Need To Try The Pink Hair Trend

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Why The Pink Hair Trend Never Goes Out Of Style

29 December 2017
photo of woman with short pink hair
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In a matter of months, pink hair became a must in salons. Having first seduced the stars, the trend rapidly filtered down onto the street and social media. The pink hair trend isn’t fading any time soon.

More than just a fad, pink hair is establishing its place in salons.

Why is the pink hair wave only getting stronger? In previous generations, women began considering coloring their hair when the first grays appeared. Now, hair color no longer represents a necessity but a desire. Able to highlight, define, soften, or brighten an appearance, hair color is thought of as a tool to showcase a woman’s best features, just like makeup.

Undoubtedly, pink hair is being embraced by trendsetters across the world to update their looks or to set themselves apart from the rest. However, this rosy trend is far from exclusively reserved for millennials. Older women are requesting this shade more and more, mostly in the form of a dip dye or a softer pastel shade.

Women want to try every shade of pink hair.

Thanks to its diverse range of shades, pink hair can seduce many seeking the perfect color. Whether pastel pink, rose gold, fuchsia, or cherry catches your eye, there’s a shade out there to satisfy a variety of tastes. All you must do is ask your hairdresser which one is the right fit for you.

Pink hair can also soften features, all the while beautifying every hair type and length. As an accent on long hair or a wavy bob, pink is establishing itself more than ever as a feminine color.

For pink, seek the advice of an expert

Brands never stop developing new coloring products to satisfy the growing pink desires of clients. However, most experts agree that it’s always best to do it in the safety of a salon, as your hair stylist can identify your hair’s needs as well as what might suit you best.

It is also important to note that in the same way as a makeup artist buys many shades and palettes, a colorist has many professional techniques, cutting-edge formulas, and a range of shades at their disposal to satisfy every one of your pink hair needs.

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