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Reverse Balayage Is Already The Biggest Hair Trend Of 2018

06 February 2018
photo of woman with sleek blonde balayage hair
Jelani Addams Rosa

Jelani Addams Rosa

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As an employee of L'Oréal, Jelani brings her knowledge and passion for hair care to Before joining the team, she spent time at Celebuzz, Seventeen, and Cosmo for Latinas.

Over the last few years, balayage has absolutely dominated the hair world. Your favorite celebrities, bloggers, influencers, and even your best friends have hopped on the balayage train. Balayage not only looks good on almost everyone, but also is a fairly easy-care color technique.

However, it’s beginning to look like 2018 may mark the end of balayage as you know it. After years of coveting artfully highlighted hair, women are now opting to cover their previously processed locks with with a technique called reverse balayage.

Like traditional balayage, reverse balayage uses the same hand-painted technique which creates natural-looking highlights. Instead of painting your strands with blonde or ashy brown, stylists are using dark colors near the roots and throughout your strands to bring depth to your look. If you were a natural brunette or dark blonde before your traditional balayage, reverse balayage has the added benefit of being even easier to maintain than traditional balayage. Because the colors used are typically closer to your natural shade, it’ll be even less noticeable when your hair grows out. That means you might head back to the salon for a haircut before you need a root touch-up.

Reverse balayage is perfect for anyone who loves the look of balayage but is no longer interested in maintaining their bottle blonde ‘do. Reverse balayage can not only reduce the amount of time spent maintaining your hair color, ut also help ensure your hair’s health. If you’re a natural brunette who’s spent years lightening your locks, your hair will appreciate the much-needed break from bleach.

Interested in reverse balayage, but not sure if going dark is the right move for you? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite reserve balayage looks to give you some major inspiration.

photo of auburn to golden reverse balayage

Auburn to Golden

You don’t have to be a brunette to slay reverse balayage, the technique looks just as amazing on ladies with auburn colored locks.

photo of grey to platinum reverse balayage

Grey to Platinum

Subtle grey is the perfect way to tone down yellowing platinum roots for a cool new look.

photo of rooty vanilla reverse balayage

Rooty Vanilla

Are you a natural blonde or brunette? No one will ever be able to guess with this perfectly blended reverse balayage.

photo of brunette to golden reverse balayage

Brunette to Golden

This perfect mix of brown and gold looks amazing no matter the season.

photo of bronde colored reverse balayage


Reverse balayage creates depth at the roots, allowing you to hold on to some of your golden highlights.

photo of brunette to crimson reverse balayage

Brunette to Crimson

Reverse balayage can bring depth to even the most bright and vibrant colors.

photo of brunette to rosegold reverse balayage

Brunette to Rose Gold

If you’re searching for the trendiest style of the season, look no further than reverse balayage on millennial pink.

photo of black to platinum reverse balayage

Black to Platinum

Platinum is one of the most high maintenance colors you can dye your hair. Reverse balayage not only gives the colors some much needed depth, but also makes the color much easier to maintain.

photo of black to caramel reverse balayage

Black to Caramel

Reverse balayage can bring dull, lifeless color back to life.

photo of black to ice blonde reverse balayage

Black to Ice Blonde

Reverse balayage will allow you to slay the salt and pepper look better than your father ever could.

photo of brunette to sand reverse balayage

Brunette to Sand

The best reverse balayage looks natural enough that your locks look deep, rich, and just slightly sunkissed.

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